12th January 2018

Only went to Duxford today as it was the best day of the week weather wise. i.e. not raining. Down at ARCo the BBMF Chipmunk was out on the grass in its new colour scheme, a bit more day-glo to be added, for a compass swing. P-51D/Ferocious Frankie, which is now sold, went up for a handling and possibly its last flight as a Duxford resident and the ARCo Buchon was outside for an engine run in its new temporary Dunkirk film colour scheme and went flying later in the afternoon. Although it has been out for several engine runs now, this was the first time I had caught TFC's T.20 Sea Fury making a noise. My ears are still ringing. In the order taken and with wall to wall cloud, it was a very flat light for photographic conditions.


Duxford Bimble's - January 2018


Camera Used: Sony Alpha A6000 CSC & Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.

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Duxford Bimble's - January 2018



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16th January 2018

I remember the days when January at Duxford was dead. Nothing happened and the only warbird movements were when they were shuffled around in the hangars. Today there were three two-seat Spitfires flying, TFC's T.20 Sea Fury was out for another engine run and four Lynx Mk.9 helicopters of 657 Sqn AAC, flying as Valhalla formation, flew through Duxford on their round Britain farewell flight. I only had a 200mm zoom lens and they were in a loose formation at 500ft flying over the hard runway so didn't stand a chance of any decent photos. Oh and TFC were shuffling warbirds around their hangar. In the order taken.

25th January 2018

A quiet day at Duxford. 'Blade 1' had taken part in a corporate event in AirSpace and flew off around mid-day. Many thanks to Joe for hangar access to EP122 and outside amongst the GA arrivals and departures, the Boultbee two-seat Spitfire was taking advantage of the blue sky and sunshine with crew training. The BBMF Chipmunk was out on a compass swing and TFC had their T.20 Sea Fury on the jet pan for another engine run. In the order taken.