Photographic Equipment  Used:     Sony Alpha A6300 CSC & Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC Lens &  Sony a6500 CSC + Sony E 70-350mm F4.5-6.3 G OSS lens.

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Thursday: 6th August 2020


On the 4th August, after its first flight of the day, Hawker Sea Fury T.20/WG655/(G-INVN) unfortunately crashed just to the north of Duxford, the pilot and passenger walked out of the wreckage with minor injuries. Photo shows the T.20 landing after its first flight. Highlight of the day was the appearance of Spitfire PRXIX/(F-AZJS). It was just about to go for a first flight but aborted and the last I saw was it being returned to the hangar for a bit more TLC. It did fly later in the day after I had left. While waiting for the French Spitfire to fly, we were entertained by a pair of North Weald based Westland Scout helicopters who came in for a bit of circuit bashing and auto-rotational landing practice that involved sliding along the grass on their skids. XV126/50K was wearing a scheme worn by Scouts in Germany in 1980 on Exercise Crusader. In the order taken.



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Duxford Bimble's - Post Covid Lockdown 2020

Duxford Bimble's - Post Covid Lockdown 2020

Friday: 18th September 2020


Slightly later than advertised JR returned to Duxford in the NHS Spitfire PR.XI/PL983/(G-PRXI) after his 3  day Round the World tour of Scotland and Northern Ireland. PL983 has acquired mission markings, just forward of the cockpit, showing counties flown over. On Saturday PL983 was parked out in the sunshine by the crowd line at the M11 end. In the order taken.

Wednesday: 2nd September 2020


A quiet day but early afternoon Lee Proudfoot flew in PL983 with an excellent display of aerobatics over the airfield. In the order taken

Having flown in the day before from Belgium, Agusta Bell AB.47G (first registered as F-BHPG in 1956 and once served with ALAT, the Army aviation service of the French Army) flew in the afternoon with Piper L-4H Grasshopper(G-BKHG) to work up a short display routine for the next Showcase day at Duxford.

Wednesday: 4th November 2020


Wall to wall sunshine and Duxford closing for a month, well I just had to visit. TFC had their P-40F out for an engine run first thing and a Churchill tank has taken up residence in hangar 3. I last photographed it down at IWM Lambeth. A few GA aircraft were visiting and Spitfire PV202 was up and down flying passengers and a bright yellow, German registered Super Cub was flying from ARCo. In the order taken.

Thursday: 17th December 2020


Last visit of the year and a bit of warbird flying thrown even if it was just 2 two-seat Spitfires and a couple of Harvard’s.