Camera Used:Sony Alpha A6000 CSC & Sigma 100-400m f5-6.3 DG OS HSM lens + Sigma MC-11 SA-E Mount/Sony Alpha A6000 CSC & Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.

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6th September 2018

A few aircraft movement today but mainly war birds migrating south to Goodwood for the weekend and the Festival of Speed. I didn't stay for the Lysander leaving as a rain front was heading in, started when I got to Cambridge, and I didn't have my waterproofs with me.

29th September 2018

A warm, sunny, quiet-ish Saturday at Duxford. An Agusta-Westland 109 helicopter was sitting on the jet pan and the ex Boscombe Down Harvard flew first.           P-51/Miss Helen took off for an away day and amongst the Tiger Moth flights, Classic Wings were flying wing to wing with Spitfire N3200 and in a Spitfire with PV202. A lot of GA visitors the most unusual being a Rotorsport UK Calidus gyrocopter. in the order taken.

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Duxford Bimble's - September 2018

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Duxford Bimble's - September 2018

15th September 2018

As it's Battle of Britain Day, September 15th, I was hoping for a bit of Spitfire flying at Duxford. I wasn't disappointed as there were 6 flying. Mk.1/N3200, 3x T.9's /PV202/SM520/TD462, Mk.XVIe/TD248 and Mk.XVIII/SM845.

13th September 2018

The museum held their second 'Lets have some display flying and not tell any one about it on social media until late the afternoon before' afternoon. This time it was the ARCo based Harvard/Taz and Stearman and TFC's Bearcat and Corsair. With wall to wall cloud, light for photography was bad and the Stearman and Harvard displayed a bit high and didn't venture much down to the M11 end. TFC played ball with the Bearcat/Corsair arriving as a pair, displaying separately and finishing as a pair.

19th September 2018

Being a gusty, blustery day I wasn't expecting any flying at Duxford BUT the Catalina flew off to Cambridge airport for a couple of hours crew training and a pipeline survey Cabri G2 helicopter flew in for a pit stop. Outside 5 hangar a team of contractors was putting together a Full Scale Model of a Typhoon, with a red RAF 100 logo on the tail, even though there is a real Typhoon just inside the doors of 5 hangar. Outside 4 hangar another team of contractors was putting together another FSM that had RAF markings and looked like a hideous lump of grey plastic and a reject from Thunderbirds. Duxford's latest Hurricane resident was tucked up inside 4 hangar.

21st September 2018

Despite the blustery wind, A Gnat from North Weald flew in for two practice display's. A Jet Provost, Tutor and Yak arrived during the morning but most of the flying while I was there was courtesy of ARCo. In the order taken.

24th September 2018

After the cold and relentless drizzle of air show Saturday, it was Scorchio at Duxford today. Well at least +16C when the Vampire's fired up this afternoon to fly home. The Mk.VIII/D-FEUR also left and there was quite a bit of flying from the Duxford based war birds. In the order taken.

27th September 2018

A quiet day at Duxford and with the air show season over it's going to get even quieter flying wise. An ex RAF Gazelle helicopter called in first thing for fuel, a visiting Chipmunk was circuit bashing and Spitfire/PV202 was doing passenger flights from ARCo. There were a few GA types flying in and out, taking advantage of the wall to wall blue sky and sunshine.