B-17 Preservation Ltd, 'Sally B'

Boeing B-17G-105-VE/c.n. 8693/124485/DF-A/SallyB & Memphis Belle/(44-85784)(G-BEDF)

JUN 1945 -  Built by Lockheed-Vega, Burbank, and accepted into the United States Army Air Force as 44-85784. Too late for WWII, flown to Nashville for conversion and modification for training purposes.                

NOV 1945 - Re-designated as a TB-17G, flown to Wright Field and the 2750th Air Base group.

1949 -          Selected as a research aircraft for various trials and re-designated as an EB-17G.

1950 -          Leased from the USAF by General Electric Flight Training Centre, New York.

1954 -          Flown to Hill AFB and converted back to a standard B-17G and struck off charge.

NOV 1954 -  Acquired by the Institut Geographic National (IGN), France and registered  as F-GBSR  

and based at Creil.

MAR 1975 -  Acquired by Ted White, registered as N17TE and based at IWM Duxford.

AUG 1976 -  Re-registered as G-BEDF.