Sitting on the grass in the ARCo/HFL compound was the ‘Desert Buchon’, now sporting a yellow spinner. Although the canopy cover was on when I arrived, it was later removed as John Romain took the Buchon for a short test flight just to the north of the Museum and then returned for an aerobatic display over the airfield. Must remember to pack my 70-300mm lens from now on. Not long after that Cliff Spink flew the Buchon back to its home base at Humberside airport following its winter servicing. The Airways Flying Club, based at Wycombe Air Park, had an away day to Duxford with a steady stream of aircraft arriving and departing for most of the afternoon.

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ARCo/HFL Compound - M11 end of the airfield.

The Jet Pan - The Airways Flying Club Away Day to Duxford.

Duxford Bimble ~ 5th April 2012

Hangar 5 North/South - Conservation in Action.

Hangar 3/South - The Old Flying Machine Company/Historic Aircraft Collection/Aircraft Restoration Company

Hangar 2/South - The Fighter Collection

Hangar 2/North - ARCo/HFL storage and other Warbird Operators

ARCo/HFL Compound                                             Hangar 3/South - Exterior


The Mitsubishi A6M-3 Zero is back in Hangar 5 but tucked away and a bit difficult to photograph. The B-17 wings and bits have been moved out of the spray bay ready for their return to the American Air Museum in a couple of weeks time. Work is continuing apace to have the warbirds ready for the start of the air show season and ‘Sally-B’ now has two of its engines panels back in place and the Catalina has its tail feathers re-attached. The Beech H18, which was sitting on the concrete outside the ARCo/HFL hangar, had spent most of the day with its engine panels off and an assortment of ladders around it until late afternoon when it also went for a short test flight with a run and break on its return. The most notable change on the public side of the museum has been the demolition of the former TFC Workshop, Museum Shop & The Old Flying Machine Company Offices outside Hangar 3. The OFMC now have offices inside the hangar.