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Duxford Bimble ~ Saturday 13th October 2012


     Rumour had it that the Apache would not be appearing at the air show on Sunday but on my arrival Saturday morning it was sitting out on the grass having flown in late the evening before. It was due to do a practice display at 11.30 but that came and went and later heard that one of the crew was injured and there was no back up crew who were display qualified. It was now a static item for the show.

     There was an unusual sight of a pair of Grob Tutors landing in formation. Once a regular visitor to Duxford during weekday’s, the entire Tutor fleet had been grounded for months due to a propeller problem and had only recently started to fly again as each aircraft had been modified. After a couple of hours they left in formation again.    

     Mid morning and the 'Grace' fleet arrived in the shape of their two-seat T9 Spitfire, Yak-3UA and a short time later the Pitts specials of the Trig Aerobatic team. The Fighter Collection were active throughout the day with Stephen Grey and the other display pilots getting in some aerobatics practice and late afternoon the Skyraider arrived from Yeovilton. Although the sun shone, everytime an aircraft started a practice display, the clouds seemed to roll in and kill the light but otherwise a very nice day although it did try to rain as I was leaving.

     Having spent the week at Duxford and seen just about everything I wanted to see flying, I decided to give the show on Sunday a miss.