The  first major event of the year, in the form of a General Aviation Safety Bonus Day, was held at Duxford on the Saturday. The focus of the Bonus Day was on aviation safety along with the impact on GA flying with the flying restrictions in place for the Olympics.


     Informal presentations and table-top sessions took place in the various meeting rooms in AirSpace with representatives of the CAA and NATS, amongst many others, available for a chat with the visiting pilots. Landing fees were half price and entry to the museum was free for those who flew in and with the reasonably good weather well over 80+ aircraft arrived and departed for the day.

     Don’t usually see The Fighter Collection at work on a Saturday, unless it’s an air show, but the hangar doors were open and the bright yellow Beech D17S Traveler was hooked up to a tractor and sitting in the sunshine. It was later towed out onto the airfield, fuelled up and departed Duxford. Also sitting out in the sunshine was the Plane Sailing Catalina having emerged from its winter servicing in Hangar 2/North the Wednesday before and following engine runs, a first flight of the year on the Friday. The other major museum aircraft movements that have taken place were in Hangar 5/Conservation in Action. The Harrier GR9 has moved sideways into the paint bay to have the rest of its bits attached and in its place in the work area is the Mitsubishi Zero which appears to be having a bit of work done to it. The Airspeed Ambassador airliner, long time resident in the conservation area, has been moved out of Hangar 5 and is now sitting on the hard standing outside Hangar 4/East awaiting the attachment of its detachable bits that are collecting around it.

Duxford Bimble ~ 14th April 2012

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The Jet Pan/Airfield - Duxford Safety Bonus Day

Hangar 2/South - The Fighter Collection

Hangar 2/North - Other Warbird Operators

Hangar 5 North/South - Conservation in Action.

Exterior Hangar 4/East