Imperial War Museum, Duxford - 15th January 2010

The first thing I spied as the bus drove down from the roundabout, was the big shipping container sitting outside The Fighter Collection hangar. Many thanks to the TFC engineers for the opportunity of a last photo of ‘Brooklyn Bum’ and for the wander around their fleet.

Although there doesn't appear to be much happening with the P--47, there is a lot of work going on internally. The guns have been mounted in the wings and components like the throttle quadrant and instrument panel are awaiting their turn to be fitted.

The majority of The Fighter Collection fleet are in winter hibernation at the moment awaiting the spring........

..........While some of the others are under going winter maintenance

Hangar 3 residents

With the FW190 now departed to a new owner in Germany, one of the Spitfires owned by Tom Blair is now in Hangar 3 and appears to be leaking coolant all over the floor.

Having spent some time in the restoration part of the AirSpace hangar and also parked out on the airfield, the Viscount is now back in airliner row with the rest of the DAS fleet.