Probably not the best of days to be wandering around inside hangars, or even outside for that matter, in what has turned out to be the hottest day to be recorded in Cambridgeshire so far this year. It had to be done though for record shots in Hangar 5 as the airframes in H5/North are being moved and shuffled about to make room for the arrival of the ‘large objects’ from IWM London. Since the end of the Olympics, visiting General Aviation aircraft have been on the increase but could drop off again when the Paralympics start in a week or two.

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Hangar 2/Aircraft Restoration Company - Historic Flying Limited:- The ocassional rotation of airframes in the ARCo part of H2 takes place quite regularly. Nice placement of the Buchon and Mk.1a Spitfire with the 'Buchon' acquiring a slight modification on the rudder in the shape of a little perspex box for holding a digital camera.The Bronco was in the ARCo workshops but now in storage in H2.  

Hangar 5/IWM Conservation:- The Mil 24 Hind is almost ready for containerisation and the Zero, which used to be next to the CASA 2.111(He.111), has been moved into H5/South and the CASA 2.111 has had the accumulated equipment from under and around it removed so it can be moved out of the hangar.



Duxford Bimble ~ 18th August 2012

Hangar 5/IWM Conservation:- the Pucara has had its outer wings removed, which will be attached and stored on the top of the stub wings while it’s in temporary storage in another hangar, is ready for moving outside along with the M-50 Criquet(Fi.156 Storch) when the Amiot AAC.1 Toucan(Ju52/3M) is extracted from H5 and parked airside for a few weeks before it's departure from Duxford and pastures new.

Hangar 3/Old Flying Machine Company:- On a bright, sunny day there are usally photo opportunites inside the hangars where the sun shines through the windows casting light and creating shadows over the aircraft. With the Spitfire, the sun was reflecting off the concrete floor illluminating the underside of the aircraft. When I returned to the hangar a little later, the engine panels had been attached. The Mustang shot was taken through the open hangar doors with the camera at height on the end of a monopod.

Hangar 3/OFMC & ARCo:- The Harvard was in temporary residence with OFMC for some minor maintenance work. Again the light and shade on the Nimrod drew my eye and taken at height on the end of a monopod. The Yale, a precursor to the Harvard but with a fixed undercarriage, was moved from H2 to H3 when the Blenheim was taken down to the ARCo compound for some work to be carried out on it.

Hangar 3/North:- The Royal Navy Bedford truck and Queen Mary Trailer with a Sea Vampire T.22 on borad has been moved from behind the Amiot AAC.1 Toucan(Ju52/3M) in H5 down to H3 and parked between the Gannet and Buccaneer amongst the rest of the Naval aircraft.

Air Side:- The Red Bull XtremeAir Sbach 300 flew out later that afternoon with Steve Jones on board who had been at Duxford to fly the OFMC P-51 Mustang at the American Air Day. The RAF Tucano flew in Friday evening and was based at Duxford over the weekend for a display it was  taking part in at Ramsey, Cambs, on the Sunday.