The typical British spring weather continues as it tried to rain as I was waiting for the bus to Cambridge. I wasn’t expecting much to be happening during the day due to the overcast conditions but I was pleasantly surprised as we had a bit of aerobatics, a war bird display with the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Army Air Corps providing a nice selection of helicopters throughout the day.

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The Fighter Collection are continuing with preparing their aircraft for CAA checks and routine maintenance ahead of the start of the air show season which starts at Duxford next weekend. The Nimrod I now has it's engine back and in place so hopefully flying next Sunday.

Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones, who flew as the Matadors last year, arrived in their Red Bull painted XtremeAir Sbach 300 aerobatic aircraft. Later on they gave a brief display as they worked out some new manouvers.

Just before mid-day, as the Red Bull aircraft were landing, Westland Lynx HMA8, ZD262/301 of No.815NAS arrived from the west and parked up on the Jet Pan next to the Aerospatiale AS350B3 Ecureuil. The crew went off to the Mess Restaurant for a bit of Lunch and flew out an hour later.

Not long after the Lynx had flown off, a Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook HC2, ZA705/AN flew a fast pass over the airfield at 100ft and ninety minutes later, the Ecureuil powered up and took off. As I was leaving, an Army Air Corps Apache from Wattisham Airfield arrived and started landings and take offs from the hard runway.

Duxford Bimble ~ 18th May2012

     The only noticeable change in any of the hangars since my last visit has been the fuselage of what was once ‘Mary Alice‘ has now been moved from Hangar 5 back into the American Air Museum. The colour scheme is that of a bomber straight from the production line before being issued to any squadrons so devoid of any markings. Photos are in the ‘Restoration in Progress’ page so not repeated here.

The Nimrod II of the Historic Aircraft Collection was taken out onto the airfield for an engine run. The opportunity was taken to get some low angle shots while the hangar doors were open before the Nimrod returned

With the B-17 fuselage now back in the AAM, it's place has been taken by a truck mounted AA gun from the Land Warefare hall. The Zero had been moved and having some welding done to it according to the note pinned to the black screen. Following an engine run, John Romain took the Mk XVI Spitfire for an air test to the north of Duxford and returned with some aerobatics over the airfield.