Due to the lack of a phone line for two weeks and consequently no access to the internet a combined posting of a few comings and goings over the weekend of the 20th to 24th July

Duxford Bimble ~ 20th to 24th July 2012

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Friday 20th July.

Still with the summer weather of rain and low cloud. The Boultbee Flight Academy Tr.Mk.IX Spitfire, usually based at Goodwood, had arrived the day before and was taken down to ARCo for a quick servicing as it would be flying over the weekend. By the afternoon the rain had subsided and visibility improved and the Catalina departed for the weekend for the Sunderland Air Show just after Carolyn Grace flew her Spitfire Tr.Mk.IX into Duxford. Around 15.00, the pilot and ground crew for the visiting Skyraider turned up and by 15.30 it was airborne and after circling the airfield for about 15 minutes for an air test and flight clearance into the Olympic Air Exclusion Zone, departed south probably for North Weald.

Saturday 21st July.

Bit of a steep learning curve, photography wise, as the blue sky and sunshine and lack of rain threw me a bit but good conditions for experimenting with manual settings. Most of the day, between Classic Wings flying and a few visiting GA aircraft, the ARCo and Boultbee Tr.Mk.IX Spitfire's were up and down like yo-yo’s.

Monday 23rd July.

Things didn’t feel right at Duxford that morning. It was incredibly warm with wall to wall blue sky and the sun was shining. Was this proper summer at last?. The Catalina was sitting out on the grass following its return from up north. The OFMC Mustang was also basking in the sunshine and they were to be joined later by the last straggler from Flying Legends in the shape of the German registered Mk.VIII Spitfire and a bit later, the HAC Nimrod. Again the two Tr.Mk.IX's were plying their trade through out most of the day. The Nimrod went up for an air test, and I belive a bit of aerobatics later in the afternoon after I had left, and the Mk.VIII Spitfire returned home. During all this the Catalina was doing some low power engine runs before it returned to Hangar 2 north. Just after lunch, P-51 ‘Ferocious Frankie’ went flying with a crew of 2 for a Display Authorisation check flight and after handling tests to the north, returned for some very nice aerobatics over the airfield.

Tuesday 24th July.

The Old Flying Machine Company were displaying at the Weston super Mare air show but due to Spitfire MH434 being a bit poorly, the ARCo Tr.Mk.IX Spitfire was substituted and along with P-51D Mustang ‘Frankie’ both left at around 11.00 for their trip south to the sea side and returned at 13.00. The recently rebuilt, and I believe now to be based at Duxford, Nord N.1002 Pingouin was on the grass in the ARCo compound going around in circles having a compass check. Apart from Classic Wings about the only other flying was with the ARCo Harvard ‘Taz’ and the Golden Apple Stearman.