My second visit of the year and first weekday visit which was just going to be a quick morning jaunt but then spread into the afternoon as The Fighter Collection were going to be playing musical aeroplanes later on. Although the sun was shining, it was bitterly cold and was probably the reason why the place was virtually deserted.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford - 21st January 2011

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Winter maintenance continues on the Fighter Collection fleet. The Republic(Curtiss) P-47G Thunderbolt now has a Spitfire rear view mirror fitted above the canopy. With the Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat possibly flying on the Sunday, the Curtiss Hawk 75A-1 had to be

moved into the wall to wall sunshine so the Bearcat could be

tractored to the airfield to take on a bit of fuel.

As the next building to receive the upgraded fire alarm system, the Hind and Pucara had been moved to AirSpace to allow the contractors room to move around in. The Morane-Sauliner MS502 Criquet, with its wing folded back, has filled the vacant slot left by them which now gives an unobstructed view of the rear fuselage of the Amiot AACI(Ju-52). Hangar 5 will probably be closed for about a month by the time of my next visit.

HANGAR 4 was still closed.

The Sea King and Gannet were back in their usual place and the visiting Supermarine Spitfire T9/MJ627, which is having extra fuel tanks fitted in the wings by the Old flying Machine Company, has been positioned into a more convenient spot for taking pictures. The Historic Aircraft Collection Hurricane XIIa is back in residence, minus spinner and rear lower fuselage, after a bit of winter maintenance with the Aircraft Restoration Company /Historic Flying Limited based down by the M11.





I first had a wander into AirSpace to see if the Sea King HAS6 and Gannet ECM6 from Hangar 3 were still in residence in the restoration area. They were gone but in their place was now the Mil Mi-24 Hind and FMA 1A-58A Pucara from Hangar 5.