Duxford Bimble ~ 22nd October 2012

'100 Not Out'

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Not exactly the ideal weather for my 100th visit to Duxford this year. On arrival and with the fog you could not see the hard runway. When I left mid afternoon, you could just about see the start of the fields on the otherside of the airfield.  With the Catalina safely tucked up in Hangar 2/North for winter maintenance, 'Sally-B' has had her wing tips clipped and will be joining it soon in the other half of the hangar.

Part of The Fighter Collection fleet in Hangar 2/South is closed off as they are having a bit of a clear out of their storage facilities on the north side of Duxford of bits of engines and spare parts, the museum need the space for items from London, and stacking them on shelves in their hangar and to give themselves space to move the P-40B is camping out with the Old Flying Machine Company in Hangar 3.

As the air show season is over, I didn't really need to carry around my big and heavy SLT camera or lens any more so I bought myself a Sony NEX-5N Compact Camera System. It has the same size sensor as my SLT-A57, 16MP, but is smaller and a lot lighter. I called in to the American Air Museum to try it out under different lighting conditions.

As I was arriving this morning, those nice Aircraft Restoration Company engineers were just closing the doors to Hangar 1/North. I thought I'd missed the aircraft shuffle for the day. While I was in Hangar 3, I heard 'Terence the Tug' pull up outside and those nice ARCo engineers began opening the hangar doors. It would have been remiss of me not to take advantage of the situation especially as the Hurricane is up for auction and might not be around Duxford much longer. The Silver Yale was moved down to ARCo.

On Monday/Tuesday, H&H Classics Limited were holding a Specialist Sale of cars and motorcycles in the conservation area of the AirSpace Hangar. It wasn't open to the public yet while I was there but I spied a red Indian motorbike through the plate glass ground floor window. I'm after something larger than my little 125cc put-put and and was quite taken with the Indian until I was told by the gentlemen on the FoD desk, they were thumbing through a sale catalogue, the Indian had a list price of £45,000 to £50,000. Maybe not.


Camera Used:

Sony NEX-5N with a Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 E Mount lens.