2nd April 2016

With the Fly-in at Sywell cancelled, I was hoping there might be a few extra visitors to Duxford on Saturday. Wasn't disappointed as the jet pan soon filled up with a wide variety of GA aircraft during the day. Although there was hazy sunshine, there was a strong cross wind blowing from the south which made for some interesting arrivals and departures. The Race2Darwin Tiger Month, now back to twin cockpits, was in before the museum opened and being refueled and departed shortly afterwards. Classic Wings Tiger Moths were taking off across rather than along the grass runway because of the wind and the PT-17(Stearman) pilot was on his first land away flight and the first time the aircraft has been to Duxford, I was told. Missed the Devon arriving but thanks to Dave and Gary for the flight line access.



Camera Used: Sony Alpha A6300 Compact Systems Camera with a Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC

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Duxford Bimble's - April 2016

5th April 2016

As it was a quiet day, I had a wander around the American Air Museum and soon found out that my wide angle lens wasn't quite wide enough for a lot of the shots I wanted. I'll have to dig out my fish-eye lens for that unique perspective that only a fish-eye lens can give. In the 'Bunker', the room with the entrance under the nose of the B-52, there are electronic Roll of Honour screens at either end. They list the names of all the airmen of the Eight and Ninth Air Force of the USAAF who died during the Second World War. Where possible there is a photograph of the person and any names highlighted in blue indicate those who died on this day, in this case the 5th April but not necessarily the same year.

8th April 2016

Once the low cloud lifted and the sun came out, ARCo and TFC provided the afternoon war bird entertainment and there were a couple of interesting visitors that visited for a couple of hours.

20th April 2016

Another bright, sunny, hazy day at Duxford with a bit of a wind chill taking the edge off it. A pair of P-40's were sitting out on the airfield first thing, with the F having an engine run and the shiny C going for a test flight with a bit of aerobatics on its return before landing. The Avro Nineteen Anson from Old Warden was doing crew training with about half a dozen circuits off the hard runway before landing and changing crews and another half dozen circuits before heading home. The Catalina was also out on the airfield for some engine runs and was supposed to be going flying later in the afternoon. There were a lot of GA arrivals, presumably for the H&H Car Auctions, with a couple of helicopters thrown in as well.

23rd April 2016

Just as well I dug out my thermals, with a northerly wind blowing winter appears to be back. Showers were forecast throughout the day but seemed to pass either side of Duxford although we did have a heavy hail stone shower late morning. The Fighter Collection Hawk 75 was sitting out on the airfield first thing but it was the TFC Carbon Cub that went flying in the afternoon. 'Sharkie' went off to display at Halfpenny Green before returning to Duxford and late afternoon, the Catalina went flying for a bit of crew training. Work is due to start on dismantling the Victor in AirSpace next week so got possibly a last shot of it in one piece. The Spitfire shot was an experiment using the in-camera Panorama function as a faux fish eye/wide angle lens.

28th April 2016

The Fighter Collection Hawk 75 went flying first thing with a test flight and a bit of aerobatics thrown in and later in the afternoon departed for a long weekend in France with the TFC yellow Carbon Cub which left late morning. The Mk.V Spitfire was undergoing an engine test. There was a swap around of Mk.1 Spitfires with P9374/J being moved from 3 hangar up to 4 hangar to replace N3200/QV which went down to ARCo. The Boultbee Academy Chipmunk/WG348 flew in and the Boultbee Spitfire T9/SM520 fired up and got as far as the Alpha hold and developed a bit of a problem during engine checks and returned to ARCo. Late morning and a Royal Navy Wildcat/ZZ516 arrived and flew several circuits before landing for fuel for helicopter and crew.