1st August 2015

A busy day at Duxford with a British Microlight Aircraft Association Bonus Day which also takes place on Sunday along with the Summer Car Show on Sunday. The Duxford based Scottish Aviation Bulldog left early morning for air show duties at East Kirkby followed not long afterwards by the Blenheim also heading to Lincolnshire. During the afternoon, the OFMC Spitfire and P-51 were parked on the airfield as they are off to the Old Buckenham air show on Sunday and amongst the microlight arrivals and departures we were treated to a spot of aerobatics by the Cosmic Wind and Bucker Jungmann. Another helicopter arrival with a Belgian registered Jet Ranger calling in for a spot of Jet fuel and just before I left, the Blenheim hadn't returned by then, the Catalina returned home from its expedition to Greenland.

29th August 2015

With the forecast for rain over Sunday/Monday, well it is a Bank Holiday, I took advantage of the sunshine on Saturday. By mid-afternoon when the war birds came out to play, off on various air show duties, it was wall to wall cloud and a rain front passing to the south-west with a few spots hitting Duxford. Classic Wings were having one of their 'Fly With A Spitfire' events with Spitfire HF.IX/TA805 from Biggin Hill and when Spitfire TR.IXc/PV202 returned we had a five minute display over the airfield.

Camera Used: Sony Alpha A-58 SLT + Tamron 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Lens  & Sony Alpha A-77II SLT & Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 SP Di VC USD lens

2nd August 2015

I  was going to go to the Shuttleworth air show at Old Warden but having had a look at the participation list it seemed a bit devoid of participants so went to enjoy the sunshine at Duxford. Again. Sitting out on the airfield amongst the yellow daisies was a Belgium based yellow Stearman that had night stopped before it continued on its way to Old Warden. Along' Airliner Row', the Dart Herald was having its Rolls-Royce Dart engines re-installed and on the Jet Pan the B-17 engineers were keeping the visitors entertained with a propeller change. They drew a bigger crowd after lunch when they ran all four engines. P-51 'Ferocious Frankie' was first off to display at the Old Buckenham air display just before mid-day with Spitfire MH434 following the same route later in the afternoon. The Rv8tors departed Duxford for Old Buckenham not long after the Spitfire but not without a pass over the airfield laying a bit of a smoke screen.

4th August 2015

Although the day started out with blue sky and sunshine, it was very blustery and soon clouded over and turned quite cool by the afternoon. Spitfire/PV202 flew a few circuits in the morning but in the windy conditions required a bit of extra ballast each time it returned to parking. In the afternoon, Breitling were holding a corporate event at Duxford. Spitfire/MH434 was flying Wing to Wings with both of the Classic Wing Dragon Rapides and some lucky guests flew perched on the top wing of the Breitiling Wing Walker Stearmans.

6th August 2015

Main event of the day was the presentation in hangar 5 of the newly-repainted IWM North American B-25J Mitchell finished as a North American B-25J Mitchell 43-4064/'L'IL Critter From The Moon' which served with the 488th Bomb Squadron of the 340th Bomb Group, 12th Air Force, United States Army Air Forces, in the latter stages of the Second World War. Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22, served as a bombardier flying 60 missions with the 340th Bomb Group but as crews were not allocated a specific aircraft, Heller would have flown in almost all of the aircraft operated by the Group so may well have flown in the original 'L'Il Critter From The Moon'. Elsewhere Breitling were holding another corporate event with the same format as on Tuesday.

8th August 2015

Another Duxford visit that started out with wall to wall sunshine but soon clouded over but it did remain hot and humid. The HAC Spitfire Vb was sitting out in the sunshine as the HAC Hurricane was on air show duty in the afternoon but not after a few circuits and a short display over the airfield. Spitfire HF.IX/TA805 flew in from Biggin Hill for a Classic Wings event with the two Rapides and the ARCo Harvard/'Taz'. The day for them didn't go exactly as planned as one Rapide had an engine problem in the morning with the second having an engine problem in the afternoon followed by the Spitfire having to return to parking also with engine problems. 'Taz' was last man standing. B-17/'Sally-B' went off to Damyn's Hall on display duty and just below the tower, Friends of Duxford were holding an Airfield Operation event where FOD members could talk to plane operators, fire section personnel, visit the tower and trips up and down the taxiway in the airfield operations and fire section vehicles. Highlight of the afternoon was the New Zealand built replica Albatros D.Va that flew a flat display routine for about 10 minutes over the airfield on its way from Old Warden to its new home at Stow Maries.

15th August 2015

For a non air show Saturday, there was a lot of war bird activity at Duxford today. It started first thing with an impromptu photo shoot, with many thanks to Alister, Joe and Peter, with P-51/'Ferocious Frankie' and the B-29. 'Frankie' went up for a short display over the airfield early afternoon and then departed for the south coast on air show duty later on. As we were finishing the photo shoot, Spitfire formation called in and the Duxford Big(ish) Wing hove into view with seven Spitfires that had been stranded up north due to the weather following the Humberside Adlertag event on Thursday. After the formation pass, they split into two groups and six landed with the seventh going I know not where. After a quick turn around the Boultbee and some of the ARCo based planes and pilots then went south, again on air show duty. The HAC Spitfire Mk.Vb/BM597 went off to Old Warden in the afternoon for their Flying Proms night and the Mk.I/N3200 and Mk.IX/MH434 were also due at Old Warden but hadn't departed by the time I left. The Fighter Collection P-40C also went for a short test flight.

16th August 2015

A very quiet Sunday at Duxford. There were two events on with the B-17/'Sally-B' Roll of Honour day with a supporters club dinner and display in the afternoon and on the hangar base the DeLorean Car Owners Club were holding a get together. I was impressed when 4 of them arrived under their own steam and by after lunch there were 18 parked up. The war bird flying were just those aircraft that had left the day before for the south coast returning after their display slots. Photos in the order they were taken.

22nd August 2015

A quiet day at Duxford although there was a Vans aircraft fly-in and the Biggin Hill two-seater was operating with Classic Wings again. Around the site and in hangar 5, it was the last chance to get a photo of the F-15 before it moves out next week and hung from the roof of the American Air Museum. Opposite hangar 5 and the VC-10 is festooned with scaffolding as I believe it due to be repainted. Sitting outside hangar 2, the Catalina is minus an engine following an oil leak that developed just after it left Duxford for an air show in Northern Ireland and flew back to Duxford on one engine. In the conservation area of AirSpace and the B-17 and Dakota are in the process of having serials applied to their tails.

27th August 2015

With no Met Office weather warnings in place, it still rained though, I had my first visit of the week to Duxford so a bit of catch up. The F-15 was all by itself in the American Air Museum but by mid morning, slightly later than planned because of a rain front passing through, it was joined by the Stearman and Spad XIII replica. Due to there being a bit of room in hangar 5 now there were a couple of new photo opportunities with a brace of Thunderbolts and the B-25. Mid-day and as it was trying to rain again, the Duxford based Bulldog left for airshow duty at Clacton followed a short time later the RAF display Tutor which flew in just after the museum had opened. Amongst the GA visitors, and there were quite a few, an RAF Chinook touched down on the main runway and parked for a minute or two before heading off to Wyton. Mid-afternoon and B-17/Sally-B fired up with its usual smoke screen across the airfield and headed off to the coast for the Clacton show and I finally got a nearly decent shot of the B-17/B-29 together.

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