Camera Used: Sony Alpha A6000 CSC & Sigma 100-400m f5-6.3 DG OS HSM lens + Sigma MC-11 SA-E Mount/Sony Alpha A6000 CSC & Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.

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5th August 2017

The weather at Duxford last Saturday was in three halves. The morning and late afternoon was blue sky and sunshine. The bit in the middle was torrential rain. The number of aircraft booked in for the Light Aircraft Association Bonus Day didn't quite match the number that turned up but that was probably down to the forecast rain that duly arrived. P-51D/Sharkie flew late morning and arrived back just ahead of the rain front. The HAC Fury was due to go up to East Kirkby for their air show but cancelled due to the rain en route. The HAC team took the opportunity to move the DH.9 to the other side of the hangar where it will be rigged for flight. Many thanks to Howard for the cockpit access. Although you could see blue sky way off to the west, it was still raining when the Boultbee Spitfire arrived from Goodwood for some maintenance at ARCo and the T.28 Fennec fired up and did a practice display over the airfield in drizzle before heading for East Kirkby. By the time the Blenheim came out to play, it was also heading for East Kirkby, it was back to being quite warm in the sunshine. In the order taken.



Duxford Bimble's - August 2017

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Duxford Bimble's - August 2017

19th August 2017

It wasn't raining so I went to Duxford. It was quiet apart from the visitors who were still queuing out of the visitor centre at mid-day to get in. Catalina was out for an engine run and the two-seat Spitfire's were flying. PV202 with Classic Wings and NH341 was off to Sywell.

25th August 2017

Despite the wall to wall blue sky and sunshine and the temperature in the low 20's, there was high, thin cloud which made lighting conditions for anything other than ground to ground photography atrocious. The Buchon and Spitfire MH434 were off to Dunsfold for the weekend air show and the Catalina was off to Clacton for their air show.

27th August 2017

Another wall to wall sunshine day and no haze. With no wind it was very warm but a bit of a breeze did spring up in the afternoon to take the edge off the heat. Visitor car parking ended up on the grass inside the museum but the increased visitor numbers could to have been down to the Duxford Summer Motor Fest being held and after a quick browse there was only an American Police car that caught my attention. Lots of flying with Classic Wings doing their Fly in and Fly With a Spitfire through out the day. TFC Mk.V Spitfire went up for a couple of flights and the T.28 and Blenheim went up the road to Little Gransden for their Air Show. The B-17 returned from their weekend at Dunsfold and parked up on the grass to drop off passengers and then went off to Little Gransden as well. Photos in the order taken.