4th December 2013

Once the clouds parted and the sun came out, it was quite nice wandering around Duxford although it was very quiet. The only warbird movement was P-51 'Ferocious Frankie' returning to 3 hangar from ARCo with the Stearman going in the other direction. In 5 hangar the Cockle Mark II two-man collapsible canoe was receiving a bit of TLC.

Duxford Bimble's ~ December 2013

Camera Used: Sony Alpha A57 SLT + Sony16-105mm/f3.5-5.6 Lens &  Sony Alpha A35 SLT & Sony 70-400mm G SSM/f4.5-5.5 Lens

9th December 2013

It may appear that nothing is happening at Duxford but over the winter months the war bird engineers and museum conservators are hard at work, but it doesn't really show until something major happens like the removal of the Bristol Centaurus from the TFC T.20 Sea Fury, to have a new mounting ring fixed. The propeller has been re-attached to the TFC Corsair and the leading edge to the port wing of B-17 Sally-B is back in place. This afternoon the 'V' weapons in hangar 5 were loaded onto a couple of soft sided artics for their return to Lambeth.

12th December 2013

The Bristol Centaurus had been re-attached to the Sea Fury but the cowling ring has been removed revealing a bit more of the plumbers nightmare of pipework. Following its first public appearance yesterday, Spitfire FR.XVIIIe/SM845 finished in the markings of No.28 Sqn. Sek Kong in 1950, was back out on the jet pan for some more compass swings.

17th December 2013

110 years since the first flight of the Wright Brothers, my 170th visit to Duxford this year - somehow don't think I'll make it to 200 - and the first flight following a rebuild of Spitfire XVIIIe/SM845. The morning started when an RAF Shawbury based Griffin HT1/ZJ234/S touched down at the 'Duxford Heliport' while the crew went off for a pit stop in 'The Mess Restaurant'. Not to be outdone an Army Longbow Apache did a low fast pass. After lunch John Romain took SM845 for its test flight, circling the airfield and conducting stall tests etc, and after a few turns to the north of the airfield returned with a run and break and landing. As usual the clouds had rolled in by then and we were left with rubbish lighting. Later in the afternoon, the HAC MkV Spitfire also went for a test flight, following a bit of winter maintenance, but I'd gone home by then.