3rd December 2014

Sunshine and blue sky but a bitterly cold day and even colder when the clouds rolled in. Winter has arrived. Chipmunk formation, based at Cambridge Airport, were doing training flights from Duxford before the Bolingbroke/Blenheim fired up. It flew off to the north for an air test before it was joined by the ARCo Harvard/'Taz' for an air to air photo shoot before they both returned. Meanwhile, P-51 Mustang/'Ferocious Frankie' went up for a very brief air test before parking up at ARCo.

Duxford Bimble's ~ December 2014

29th December 2014

161st and last visit of the year and with all the cold, white slippy stuff all around, I wimped out going on my motorbike and used public transport to get to Duxford along with my new non-slip walking boots that I thought I had worn in. Nope. Blister. Ouch. A nice bit of bright winter sun light was filtering through the high up windows in hangar 3 first thing, bathing a few war birds in sunshine and as the sun rose higher the frost on the ground and airframes soon started to melt. There were a few GA visitors during the afternoon with a couple of Gyroplanes, another arrived after I had left, being the stand out items and the flex wing pilot must get the prize for flying in an open cockpit in those temperatures.

Camera Used: Sony Alpha A-77II SLT & Tamron 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di II PZD Macro lens

10th December 2014

Only went to Duxford today as the sun was shining and I haven't been for a week. Only noticeable changes since my last visit is that P-51/'Etta Jeanne II' in 5 hangar is now back together and I believe will be moved out of the spray bay when the F-15 moves in for its new paint job and the Bolingbroke IVT(Modified)/Blenheim I is now tucked up in hangar 3 for winter hibernation and the Catalina in hangar 2 is up on jacks with its wheels off. Because of the variable lighting conditions inside the hangars, I did start using flash to take photos but resorted to using the in-camera HDR function on my little Sony Nex-6 Compact Systems Camera to bring out the detail in the highlights and shadows.

18th December 2014

Very quiet and blustery day at Duxford today with probably my penultimate visit of the year. In hangar 5 the F-15 and P-51 have swopped around parking spots as the F-15 is now in the spray bay being readied to be painted. In hangar 3 the Classic Wings Harvard's are tucked up for the winter holiday period. In hangar 2 and the P-40C underwent an undercarriage retraction sequence and since my last visit the Gladiator is now sitting with its tail jacked up in the air.