Camera Used: Sony Alpha A57 SLT + Sony16-105mm/f3.5-5.6 Lens &  Sony Alpha A35 SLT & Sony 70-300mm G SSM/f4.5-5.5 Lens

7th February 2013

A bitterly cold but mostly sunny day. The blue Harvard and silver Chipmunk that had been resident with the Old Flying Machine Company were now out on the flight line joining the Classic Wings Harvard. The engineers of The Fighter Collection are cracking on a pace in getting their fleet airworthy for the coming summer season with the Gladiator now standing on its own wheels and the Wildcat and Hellcat now have their propellers in place. Although still incomplete, the scaffolding has been removed from around the Ambassador but the main action of the day was down in the The Aircraft Restoration Company compound. The Sabre, which was grounded last year when its engine went to the USA for an overhaul, has had it’s first engine run. It did try to eat an engineer first but spat him out again. The aircraft was positioned so you couldn’t get a decent side view shot

Duxford Bimble's ~ February 2013


11th February 2013

Since my last visit the Historic Aircraft Collection Spitfire BM597 has returned to Hangar 3 with a few engine panels missing and The Fighter Collection had a bit of a shuffle around of their fleet in Hangar 2 on the Sunday and apart from that and a few snow showers there is not a lot else to report.

13th February 2013

A silver aeroplane on a bitterly cold, as in wind chill, grey day is not the ideal combination for taking photographs. The pilot of the DH.84 Dragon was having a check flight.

16th February 2013

I wanted to get some paning practice in and experiment with a few settings on the camera and the best chance of seing some flying would be during a weekend with Classic Wings probably flying and the prospect of a few visiting aircraft. Sure enough Classic Wings were flying with a Cessna, Cub and a pair of Harvards taking to the air. The Stearman also went flying with a few aerobatic manouvers over the airfield when it returned.

19th February 2013

I wasn't intending going to Duxford but when I opened my curtains and saw all that white frost, wall to wall blue sky and the sun shining, it was to good an opportunity to waste. Most of the action took place in Hangar 5 where the staff were shuffling, if that's the word to use, tanks about as they were going to be doing some conservation work on the WW1 Mk V tank.

21st February 2013

Although I was wearing my thermal Long Johns I should have worn a thermal vest as well as the wind chill, as I was standing on the Tank Bank waiting for the Spitfire, was cutting to say the least. A very clean looking Spitfire T9/G-ILDA went up for a test flight and a couple of circuits with her own crew. In Hangar 5, a 1943 built Willy’s MB Jeep is on display next to the Lancaster cockpit. It was issued to Miss Joan Whittington, of the Red Cross, in Southern Italy for the Italian Campaign and which she retained after the war and bequeathed to the IWM in 1982. There was also a little bit of a fly-in with a few GA types lined up on the Jet Pan.

23rd February 2013

Winter returned overnight with a slight dusting of snow when I left home and by the time I arrived at Duxford, white fluffy stuff was falling from the clouds. It didn’t last as I was sitting outside at Lunchtime with the sun trying to break through the lifting cloud base. The Aircraft Restoration Company had a bit of a shuffle around with their fleet in 2 & 3 hangars on Friday. There is now a nice line up of five Spitfire’s in 3 hangar and I tried to get a panorama shot of them but didn’t have my wide angle lens with me. Next visit. Long time resident of 3 hangar, the TT.1 Firefly is now in 2 hangar and much easier to photograph.

26th February 2013

Contractors started today to rig the Strikemaster in AirSpace to allow it to be lowered to the ground when a problem was found following the annual check of the suspension wires holding the aircraft from the ceiling. The Comet below it needs to be moved a little bit to one side first as the wing is directly underneath the Strikemaster. It’s not often that the inner hangar doors are opened as well. Outside T.9 Spitfire/G-ILDA had an engine run in the ARCo compound and the F-86 Sabre was taken down there also for an engine run.

27th February 2013

With a 'Help for Heroes' event taking place in the Conservation Hall of AirSpace, the Shackleton and Victor were moved outside and are going to be facing the elements for the next few weeks as a 'Quilt Show' is also being held in the hall later in March. ARCo had a bit of a shuffle around in 3 hangar with their war birds and, having been absent for the last couple of years, the British Antartic Survey Twin Otter is back in Cambridgeshire and down at ARCo for a bit of a servicing.

28th February 2013

An interesting hour and a bit today as the Strikemaster in AirSpace was dropped, not literally, from the rafters following a safety inspection and a possible problem identified with a support bracket. I was expecting it to be lowered level but it see-sawed it's way down as the tail was lowered a bit then the nose was lowered a bit etc,etc. Due to the internal lighting and aircraft movement I used the 'High ISO Noise Reduction' function at 800 and 1600 for a decent shutter speed, hand held - a tripod would have been better, and manual settings.