Duxford Bimble's ~ January 2013

3rd January 2013

First visit of the year and the last war bird I saw fly last year, the bright Orange US Navy SNJ-5, was the first war bird to fly this year with a 45+ minute flight. Long time south side resident, the L-39ZA Albatros, is back where it started in Hangar 2/North and the Sabre that was in Hangar 2/North was parked outside the ARCo workshops. There was a bit of work going on around the dismantled Varsity as a man was constructing a bright yellow lifting bar for a crane which was lying by the side of the fuselage when I left.


Camera Used: Sony NEX-5N with a Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 E & Sony 10-18mm f4 OSS + Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS

4th January 2013

Struck lucky with my second visit of the year as there was more war bird flying. This time the T-28 Trojan/Fennec which after a brief flight returned with a few passes and wing overs above the airfield. The Stearman took off just after the Trojan returned and it was away for about an hour. The Aircraft Restoration Company(ARCo) had a bit of a shuffle around with some of their airframes.

7th January 2013

As I'm planning a visit to Hendon next Saturday I thought I'd get in a bit of practice at hand holding/low light/even lower shutter speeds in AirSpace.  I was experimenting with the in-camera Bracket function because I've not tried it yet. Basically you can manually set the ISO and Aperture and the camera then takes three images in quick succession, one as per the settings, one at a longer exposure for a lighter image and one at a shorter exposure for a darker image. With the Sony NEX-5N there are just two Bracket settings. +/-0.3EV & +/-0.7EV. Out of the three images I had at least one, and if I was lucky two, that were in focus at the very low shutters speeds I was using. The beauty of digital is that I can delete the naff ones.

9th January 2013

This morning The Fighter Collection's Mk XIV Spitfire was tied down at the 06 end of the hard runway for some high speed engine runs. It was still sitting out there when I left early afternoon. Now that all the Large Objects from IWM Lambeth are safely stored in Hangar 5, work has started in earnest on cleaning and conserving the items and some, having been broken down to component parts for transport, are being re-assembled for possible display in the other museum hangars around the site. There are now three V1's at Duxford.

14th January 2013

With a bit of overnight snow lying around, it had started to thaw by the time the museum opened but it did snow again as I was leaving. The Ambassador had its central fin attached over the weekend so hopefully not long till it’s all back together again. Although work was going on in the Old Flying Machine Company and The Fighter Collection, the most noticeable change was in ‘Hangar 5:Conservation In Action’. The Mk.1 Spitfire was closer to having its wings attached and the preparation of Montgomery’s staff car for its ‘Desert Colour Scheme’ continues apace and the Lancaster cockpit was suspended above the floor as a new base unit was being made for it to sit on.

16th January 2013

With the freezing fog & mist, there was not a lot of people around the museum today. I was about to leave early when aeroplanes started to be extracted from Hangar 2. I think the Buchon was going down to the ARCo workshops and as it was at the back of the parking area, those in front of it had to be moved out first. Many thanks to the two ARCo Aircraft Shifters for the Yale/Harvard/T.28 line up. The Harvard was developed from the Yale and the T.28 was the post war replacement for the Harvard.

23rd January 2013

The snow that had closed the main museum at the start of the week was begining to thaw and the only change to anything was in AirSpace. During the annual check of the suspension wires holding the aeroplanes from the ceiling, a problem seems to have been found with the Strikemaster cables as extra support has been added and a sterile no go area below it created. The DH.9 that was parked under the Strikemaster has been moved next to the Victor which now gives an excellent uncluttered view of the Comet.

28th January 2013

The day started out nice with blue sky and sunshine but by lunchtime it was dark, cold, windy and raining. Anyway - two ARCo engineers, and Terence, were playing musical aeroplanes with their stock in hangar 2 and 3. The camouflaged T.28 Fennec was moved down to the ARCo compound and was having an engine run in the rain when I left. The Sabre does appear to have an engine in it now following a look see down the tail pipe.

30th January 2013

The only noticable change is the move of the V2 rocket from 4 to 5 hangar and the wings of the Sopwith Camel have been attached to its fuselage where as the wing of the Harrier is being prepared to be removed.