17th January 2015

The forecast was for a bit of snow on Saturday so I headed off down to Duxford for what turned out to be an actual 'bit' of snow with a flurry which lasted about 30 seconds then the clouds rolled back and it was blue sky and sunshine. Again. The paint job on the BAC 1-11 looks as if it's been completed and it should be back out on Airliner Row by the start of next week. I shall miss the lime green fuselage. Not a lot appears to be happening around the hangars but in the background work is continuing on winter maintenance of the war birds.

Duxford Bimble's ~ January 2015

Sony A7II CSC + Tamron 28-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Lens



24th January 2015

Compared to to the severe cold weather of last week, it was a warm summers day at Duxford even though I was still walking around with wooly hat and gloves on. Quite a few GA visitors dropped in, taking advantage of the wall to wall sunshine, with a Chipmunk still in a distinctive all red Royal Flight colours it had when Prince Charles learnt to fly in it back in 1969 doing circuits before it returned back to Henlow. On Tuesday, the BAC 1-11 returned back to its parking spot in Airliner row. On Thursday, I had an eye test that day, there were several war bird arrivals with a Spanish built CASA 2.111(He.111) arrived on the back of a trailer and was off loaded at ARCo. Not its first visit to Duxford as it was based there during the making of the Battle of Britain film back in 1968. It did have a civilian registration of G-AWHB but it was cancelled back in 2001 as having been de-registered and transferred to the United Sates of America. Later in the afternoon a P-51D, formally 'Old Crow'/N167F of the Scandinavian Historic Flight and now finished in the RAF colors of Mustang IV/KH744/GA-S/(G-SHWM) of No 112 Sqn when flying in Italy during 1945, arrived at Duxford and was tucked up in Hangar 2 followed not long afterwards by the blue Harvard used by the Boultbee Academy at Goodwood.

30th January 2015

Winter snow arrived overnight at Duxford although it did begin to turn to slush a bit as it warmed up a bit during the morning. The TFC Bearcat in hangar 2 is undergoing a bit of winter TLC and the Mk.1a Spitfire/P7380 has been turned into a bit of a convertible. I haven't seen it for a while but there is an owl resident in hangar 3 and what I hadn't seen before was that there is a 'Duck' resident in AirSpace. A stuffed 5lb Aylesbury duck to be precise of the type used to test bird strikes on engines. Never fear there is a disclaimer to say the duck died a natural death before it got to the taxidermist.

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