4th January 2016

Wasn't expecting much to be happening and nothing much was happening, at least outwardly. Plenty of work going on in hangar 5 and with TFC though. Took advantage of the morning sunlight coming through the windows of the General Service Flight Sheds before the rain set in around lunch time. Out on the jet pan, the Duxford Airfield Fire and Rescue Service were putting their new Tonka toy's through their paces, as well as the crews manning them. Photo's in the order they were taken.

28th January 2016

Took advantage of the one day of the week when it wasn't raining or gale force winds blowing but it was cold despite the sunshine and wall to wall blue sky. TF-51/'Miss Velma' went flying late morning as did the ARCo Harvard/'Taz' which went to the north for an air test. An Apache AH1/ZJ182 helicopter from Wattisham was doing circuits and was using the grass runway, due to GA types landing and doing circuits on the hard runway, to pirouette up and down the length of it. A Squirrel HT1/ZJ261 helicopter from Shawbury dropped in for lunch. Not sure if one or two Hercules passed through Duxford mid afternoon. Caught the tail end of one pulling up and turning west as I walked out of AirSpace and as I was walking towards Whittlesford rail station, another C-130J Hercules C5/ZH886 (or was it the same one) did a wheels down approach before heading off in the same direction as the other.

Camera Used: Sony Alpha A7II & 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G SSM lens + Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens.

8th January 2015

The weather forecast next week is for winter to arrive. Had a taste of it today at Duxford with a very significant wind chill blowing across the airfield. Thermals and fleece lined gloves for my next visit. Most noticeable difference on arrival is the lack of the Victor out on the jet pan having been moved into AirSpace and has for company the Lynx helicopter from hangar 4. The Heinkel He.162 Volksjäger that had briefly been in AirSpace was back home in hangar 5. The Victor's place out on the jet pan has been take by a Chinook helicopter. Apparently doing circuits yesterday and went poorly. Some RAF engineers arrived this afternoon, had a look and a tinker and the air crew left the helicopter with flight kit in hand and the engineers locked it back up again. A new exhibit for Duxford??. In hangar 4 there has been a swap around of Mk.1 Spitfire's with N3200 replacing P9374. At lunchtime the TFC Harvard went for its first flight this years and amongst a few GA types, the Classic Wings based Cub was out and about doing circuits. The Silver T.28 had an engine run down at ARCo and as I was leaving, what looked like an Air Harrods S.76 helicopter arrived.

15th January 2016

A typical winter's day at Duxford. Cold, icy, wall to wall blue sky and sunshine and only a couple of General Aviation types flying around. There were some war bird movements when The Fighter Collection partly emptied the eastern end of their hangar to give the floor an early spring clean. In the order they were taken.

16th January 2016

Having been at Duxford the day before, I wasn't intending going today but it was mentioned on one of the forums that the Boultbee Spitfire SM520/G-ILDA was flying around at Scampton on Friday. One of two things was possible. It was there for the weekend for a corporate do with the Red Arrows or it would return back to Duxford for a bit of passenger flying. No sooner had the doors to the museum opened than G-ILDA appeared from behind AirSpace for a run and break and landing following a flight down from Scampton. It flew three times during the afternoon and although the sun was shining and it was bitterly cold, there was thin high cloud diffusing the sunlight which isn't good for us photographers. In hangar 2, HAC staff were tinkering with their Spitfire, I believe the engine covers were going to go on, and in hangar 5 the museums new-ish 'Visitor Site Transport' was parked up. Needs a bit of work doing to it first though.

19th January 2016

Definitely the coldest day of the winter period so far with the lakes at Fen Drayton, which are a couple of miles from where I live, frozen over with the ducks walking on ice instead of swimming in water. Fortunately there was no breeze otherwise the wind chill would have been unbearable. TF-51/'Miss Velma' had her first flight of the year with a twenty minute handling check over the airfield and after a brief stop over went off again for an hour's cross country flight. A pair of Apache helicopters flew through from east to west and the Boultbee two seat Spitfire also went flying late in the afternoon but I had left by then

Duxford Bimble's ~ January 2016

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