2nd July 2016

Weather wise, winter appeared to have returned with a stiff cold breeze blowing from west to east along the runway so didn't affect any flying. The Fighter Collection Gladiator was out on the airfield before doors opened for an engine run and is apparently ready to fly now. In hangar 5, the air brake unit from the Victor is in the process of being clean and stripped of paint and as it stands would probably make a good exhibit for the Turner Prize. In AirSpace, supports are in place for the outer wings of the Victor to be detached. The OFMC Spitfire/MH434 went for a handling flight and a bit of aerobatics on its return and Classic Wings were as busy as ever with flights in a Harvard using the ARCo 'Taz' and 'Wing to Wing with a Spitfire' with TA805 from Biggin Hill.


Camera Used: Sony Alpha A7II & Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 SP Di USD Lens + Sony Alpha A6300 Compact Systems Camera with a Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.

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Duxford Bimble's - July 2016

Duxford Bimble's - July 2016

3rd July 2016

I had a ticket to go to the Old Warden Military Pageant on Sunday but wasn't really impressed with the line up so went to Duxford instead and had a very enjoyable day in the warm early summer sunshine. This morning there were five assorted helicopters which had parked overnight on the GA pan and they started to leave around mid morning. In the afternoon several war birds departed to display at Old Warden and returned later. There was to be a three ship Spitfire take off but the HAC Spitfire didn't want to play and the museum Mk.1 and OFMC Mk.LF.IXB left together and when sorted the HAC Spitfire Vb joined them later. Early afternoon and the Battle of Britain Hurricane dropped in for some fuel before heading back to RAF Coningsby. Between all the flying, a pair a Chipmunks flew a routine for their DA and 'Sally-B' returned from her stay at Yeovilton. Just before five o'clock and the first foreign arrival for Flying Legends touched down in the shape of Lockheed Electra/NC14999 having left its base near Seattle on the West coast of the USA on the 28th June flying across American, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and then down England to Cambridgeshire.

6th July 2016

A fair bit of war bird flying today as visiting pilots got in a bit of practice ahead of the Legends weekend. The Breitling Extra left first thing and I had left before the Hawker Fury II arrived.

7th July 2016

A quiet day, flying wise, or at least while I was there. The Hawker Fury II went up for a handling flight with a spot of aerobatics on its return and the Corsair headed off to Farnborough. P-51 'Moonbeam McSwine' arrived with a very low run and break and a very nice German registered beer advert arrived for the weekend, leaving Monday. The P-36 got as far as Alpha hold before it decided it didn't want to fly, or though may have after I had left, and the Fieseler Storch flew in from Old Warden for a practice display and this weekend will be its last public appearance before moving to a new owner.

11th July 2016

Went to Duxford this morning to get the post Legends departures of the Avenger, B-25, P-51 Moonbeam McSwine etc., and they had already departed before the museum opened. Probably something to do with the wet and windy weather front that was heading our way. The Norwegian DC-3 left mid morning after picking up its passengers. The Old Warden based Storch and Gladiator and the Snipe were still in residence probably waiting for calmer conditions and the Electra is leaving for Farnborough on Wednesday. With most of the TFC fleet parked outside on the airfield, the hangar floor was having a bit of a clean. In the order they were taken and airshow photos to follow later.

13th July 2016

Today TF-51D/Miss Velma flew for the first time for its new owner, Anglia Aircraft Restorations Ltd as it headed north for about 30 minutes for an air-to-air photo shoot before a spot of aerobatics over the airfield. Later on the Fury FB.11 also flew off to the north on an air-to-air shoot and by now both aircraft should be based at their new home with Weald Aviation Services Ltd., at North Weald. The Buccaneer and Sea King from 3 hangar have taken up temporary residence next to the Victor in AirSpace so the Lifeboat in hangar 3 could be maneuvered into position for transportation early next week down to the Isle of White where it was originally based. A second P-51 went flying when 'Sharkie' went on a handling flight to the north and more aerobatics over the airfield. Along with two visiting yellow Harvard's and the Duxford based 'Wacky Wabbit' flying, there was an Isle of Man registered AgustaWestland AW139 doing circuits before returning to Stansted. Photos in the order they were taken.

16th July 2016

The BAS Dash-7 fired up first thing and then left for the weekend at Coventry. Should be back on Monday. Pramtasia & Dollmania was taking place at Duxford today with a gathering of of over 150+ vintage pram and doll's pram's with trade stands and demonstrations in 3 hangar. Harvard 'Wacky Wabbit' was taking part in a photo shoot before resuming its passenger flight with Classic Wings along with the Biggin Hill two seat Spitfire. Talking of Spitfire's, I'm not sure about the onesies P9374 is now wearing in hangar 3. As hangar 2/north was full of prams, the resident aircraft had been moved out with the ARCo fleet making use of the new hangar they have and the Rapide and Auster roughing it in the spray bay of hangar 5 and the others in hangar 3 with the Jungman having its engine removed.

23rd July 2016

Sitting pretty in 3 hangar is a pretty little Sopwith Scout N6161/(G-ELRT) that arrive in bits on Tuesday, put together by a couple of engineers from Retrotec Limited and now awaiting the man from the CAA to say Yes. Once the paper work is completed then it will fly. The Lifeboat is getting closer to leaving Duxford as it is now sitting outside 3 hangar and should be on the back of a trailer come Monday. A bit of warbird action amongst all the GA arrivals with the Stearman leaving for the day and the ARCo two-seat Spitfire/PV202 passenger flying and the Biggin Hill Spitfire HF Mk IX/TA805 flying 'Wing to Wing' with Classic Wings.

30th July 2016

Despite the British Microlight Aircraft Association Bonus Day being cancelled, it was still a bit busy at Duxford today. Classic Wings 'Flying in a Spitfire' was making up for lost flights due to the stormy weather on Friday. As well as the Duxford based Harvard's 'Taz' and 'Wacky Wabbit' flying, they were joined by G-KAMY from Yeovilton. The Catalina went off for the short flight to display at Old Buckenham and touched down on the grass on its return and there was a sprinkling of visiting GA types including a Rollason Druine D.62B Condor/G-ATOH which was first registered in February 1966.