1st July 2015

The hottest day of the year so far and if it wasn't for the wind blowing across the airfield and taking the edge off the heat then it would have been unbearable. Very quiet day, war bird movement wise, with a couple of GA visitors and Classic Wings plying their trade with pleasure flights. The Fighter Collection's P-40C had its first engine run since the end of Flying Legends air show last July and as the hangar doors were open I managed a sneaky peak of the P-36. Next door in Hangar 2, the Catalina was back inside but to have some decals applied as it has been hired by Worksop College to fly students on an expedition to Greenland for most of July.

31st July 2015

Another quiet day at Duxford apart from the Aero Legends T6G Texan which left for its home base at Headcorn around mid-day and the Old Warden based Dragon Rapide was flying circuits during the afternoon. A bit of modern military in the shape of a Royal Navy Lynx flew through and among the GA visitors was a German registered R44 helicopter. The only other war bird flying while I was there was The Fighter Collection's P-40C which went up for a test flight.

Camera Used: Sony Alpha A-58 SLT + Tamron 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Lens  & Sony Alpha A-77II SLT & Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 SP Di VC USD lens

3rd July 2015

In hangar 2, the process has started in rebuilding the P-36 which should be finished over the weekend. Out on the airfield, the P-40C had engine runs in the morning and then went for a taxi run to test the brakes and things and eventually went for a test flight over the airfield with undercarriage and stall tests taking place. TF-51/'Miss Velma' went off for a test flight and returned for a spot of aerobatics and then the P-40C went up again and was due several more flights after I had left. The Czech marked Spitfire IX/SL633, that has been brought over from the USA, had its first engine runs today and as I was leaving was being parked up in 2 hangar with the rest of the ARCo fleet.

5th July 2015

When the Blenheim left for the Shuttleworth air show this morning it was raining, unfortunately the props weren't turning fast enough for a decent vortex coming off them. TFC were out to play again but no flying today. The Nimrod had a first engine run with its recently added go faster exhausts attached and the P-40F was given a quick blast to clear the pistons. Classic Wings were flying their Wing to Wings experience with the OFMC Spitfire/MH434. Not many GA visitors for a Sunday but two night stoppers are a German registered 1972 built Cessna 177RG Cardinal/G-ENCY and a 1957 Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub/D-EBID.

6th July 2015

Stayed slightly later at Duxford on Monday than I intended and got a bit wet going home. Hey-ho. The day started quite nice with a spot of sunshine and one of the first visitors was a Westland Scout helicopter that flew in from Old Warden, refueled and flew back to Old Warden. Don't supposed there is much reason for the Shuttleworth Collection to stock Jet fuel. After lunch the Catalina departed Duxford and will be away for about a month while it takes a group of student from Worksop College on an expedition to Greenland. A nice line up of war birds on the grass area outside ARCo with my first proper sighting on the American registered, Czech marked Spitfire IX that was shipped over from America to take part in Battle of Britain events over the next few months. It had an engine run in that afternoon and should be flying once the pilot arrives. ARCo two-seat Spitfire/PV202 was also flying. During the morning a red and white Folland Gnat T.Mk1, based at North Weald, flew in for a couple of practice displays and returned in the afternoon just as a rain front was approaching Duxford.

8th July 2015

Rain was forecast for first thing with clouds for the rest of the day. The rain cleared before I left home and then it rained on and off for the rest of the day. Got a bit wet going home again. TFC Harvard was first up followed not long after by Czech marked Spitfire IX/SL633 going on a test flight and another flight in the afternoon. TF-51/Miss Velma had a short flight and was followed into the air by the P-36 and after its return from the north a spot of aerobatics over the airfield. Photos in the order they were taken.

18th July 2015

After a few days R&R staying with my parents, it's back to Duxford to catch up. Surprised to find a couple of left overs from the air show in the shape of the two Sea Fury's. The Fury ISS/F-AZXL was sitting out on the airfield but the FB 11/F-AZXJ was in hangar 3 and may be a temporary resident for a short time to come. The B-52 was parked outside the American Air Museum with the B-29 on the jet pan. Classic Wings were operating the Biggin Hill two-seat Spitfire again and the Grace two-seat Spitfire flew off on air show duty and returned about an hour later and was due off again to another air show later in the afternoon. During the afternoon a pair of Stearman arrived from different locations within about 5 minutes of each other followed not long afterwards by a Yak-52/Red 27. There were quite a few German registered GA aircraft out on the airfield that had night stopped and during the afternoon were joined by three more with one of them, after a bit of Googling, being an ex Libyan Air Force SIAI-Marchetti SF.260/D-EMEO in an apparently fictitious colour scheme. Mid afternoon and Spitfire Mk1/N3200 took off for display duty at Old Warden.

23rd July 2015

The Fighter Collection were out to play today with the Wildcat and P-40C having engine runs and the Corsair went off to the north for a test flight and returned with about 5 minutes of aerobatics over the airfield. Later in the afternoon, the Blenheim fired up and left for display duty at the RAF Marham Families Day. Quite a few GA visitors, group flying by the looks of it, arrived during the morning with the dull conditions brightened by the arrival of a bright red EC120B Colibri helicopter.

Duxford Bimble's ~ July 2015

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