3rd June 2013

Just before the museum opened this morning we could hear shooting, as in bang, bang, coming from the north side of the site. I've seen extras dressed as British, American and today Russian troops but no Germans. Out on the airfield was a nice line up of D-day stripes. The filming scenario was that re-captured Nazi looted art work was to be unloaded from the C-47 with the Spitfires as static dressing and the Wildcat taxiing in the background. The scenario must have changed as the DC-3 was brought museum side and parked between 2 & 3 hangar and was being set up for the off loading of the crates. In 3 hangar the HAC Nimrod was having it's annual MOT prior to returning to flight. Down at ARCo I could see behind the parked vehicles that the Buchon is now back in it's German BoB markings and I think they were starting to clean the muck off the Beaver. The only flying was by Pete Kynsey  in his little green Cosmic Wind racer. As for the fire fight north side, one of the extras said the Russians lost.

Duxford Bimble's ~ June 2013

1st June 2013

TA805 took off just before the museum opened and returned about an hour later and one of the C-47's headed back to East Kirkby. John Romain took the Buchon, in its Israeli colour scheme, flying again for a similar routine to the one he did the other day in the low cloud and mizzle. I think I heard the director ask over the radio for a low pass for the camera. MK912 arrived from Biggin Hill to add to the collection of D-Day striped Spitfires for the Monuments Men film. The ARCo Beaver, in its Israeli AF colour scheme, was taxied over to the south side of the airfield where I think an Israeli encampment was being set up as I heard that there may be some night shooting taking place with it. The Cub from Biggin Hill had flown in earlier in the morning and flew out again later in the afternoon with we think the pilot of MK912. MH434 has acquired D-Day stripes and additional nose art for its part in the Monuments Men film.

6th June 2013

A warm and quiet day at Duxford and all that blue stuff in the sky made my eyes sore, or was that the sun. The HAC Nimrod had a brief excursion onto the airfield for a compass swing and the ARCo T9 Spitfire performed two very nice displays. The BAS Twin Otter went for a 90 minute or so bimble and was returning to Duxford just as I was leaving. The big white marques used by the film company that were outside AirSpace were being dismantled and one was used as a hangar for the Tiger Moths that left today as well.

8th June 2013

The Light Aircraft Association and the French equivalent, the Réseau du Sport de l'Air, took part in a Bonus Day at Duxford. It was well attended and one of the last aircraft to arrive said he was landing slot 70 but a few pilots had cancelled due to the weather I think I heard. The one aircraft I was hoping to see, after its visit a couple of years ago, was the Verhees Delta/F-PDHV which duly arrived as I was starting my lunch.

14th June 2013

Despite the strong cross wind and the threat of rain, there was some flying at Duxford today. Two of Classic Wings Tiger Moths had a flight each but spent the rest of the time I was there parked on the airfield and pointing into the wind. The ARCo Tr.9 Spitfire was out pilot training again with several take offs and some  interesting landings when caught by the cross wind. T.6 Texan/G-TEXN, that has been at ARCo receiving a bit of winter maintenance, had another test flight and then left for home during the afternoon. Second Wortld War re-enactors were trying to set up tents and encampments in the blustery conditions prior to Sunday's Military Vehicle Day.

19th June 2013

Weather wise it was a hot and humid day at Duxford, cloudy in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Despite that it was very hazy which didn't make for very good conditions for taking photos. The peace and tranquillity of the quite Cambridgeshire airfield was frequently shattered by the scream of a Sahara Force India F1 racing car as it did straight line testing up and down the hard runway. During the morning, Cliff Spink took off from Duxford in the Desert Buchon and returned early afternoon in a Spitfire. Neat trick that. He had flown up to Humberside, returning the Buchon to the Richard Lake collection following its winter maintenance, and had flown back in the Spitfire for a spot of maintenance at ARCo. The ARCo Harvard 'Taz' flew in from a visit to Goodwood and parked up at ARCo compound and a bit later the T9 Spitfire taxied out for a short engine run before parking back up at ARCo. Early afternoon and 'Sword 1 & 2', a pair of Tucano's from RAF Linton-on-Ouse, did a run and brake before landing and parking up on the jet pan for a visit by the crew. Apart from Classic Wings and a few GA visitors, with a Cessna F172G making a turn to land within the airfield which looked more dramatic than it actually was, the only other flying I saw was the Stearman.

22nd June 2013

Despite the frequent rain showers that passed through, a cracking day out for a Saturday at Duxford with the clouds and lighting making for some interesting potographs. The Trig team called in for a pit(ts) stop before flying off for a display. Classic Wings Rapide/HG691 and OFMC Spitfire/MH434 were taking part in a 'Wings to Wings' experience where the Rapide passengers have an air to air photo shoot with the Spitfire. There were two flights that took place, between a passing shower, and after the second flight Lee Proudfoot put on an excellent display of aerial maneuvers in the Spitfire. John Romain left later in the afternoon in the ARCo/HFL T.9 Spitfire and after a missed approach, B-17 'Sally-B' headed south for a display at the Thanet Airshow at Manston, Kent.

24th June 2013

Following a swap around of power plants and replacing a Rolls-Royce Merlin for a more representative Packard built V-1650, the OFMC's P-51 'Ferocious Frankie' had it's first engine run today. The Packard was rebuilt over the winter period by Maurice Hammond and his team and it was he who did the first two engine runs. The Packard started first go. No coughing, spluttering or backfiring. Earlier on I had caught sight of what I though was a Skyraider disappearing into the cloud base to the north west of Duxford. Got out my radio just in time to hear the pilot call in to see if he could do a couple of barrel rolls over the airfield. Magic. I think its first flight this year.

25th June 2013

A quiet day that got quite warm in the afternoon. Apart from a few GA arrivals/departures there was some local war bird flying. 'Taz' the silver ARCo Harvard flew down to Goodwood for the day and the blue Harvard/G-BUKY did several take off's/landing's from both directions as what wind there was kept changing direction. There was some more filming going on down at ARCo this time with the F-86 Sabre. After the ground shots, Mark Linney took the F-86 up for some air-to-air photography and when he came back we had a bit of an aerobatic display from him although the clouds had rolled in and made photography a bit difficult. Between the F-86 take off and return, an RAF Merlin helicopter did a low fly through before continuing on its journey north.