3rd June 2015

Classic Wings were have a bit of a 'Do' today. Their war bird fleet were lined up on the grass in front of the tower and a bit later Classic Wings staff and pilots had a group photo in front of the Silver Rapide before the two Rapides took off, followed by the OFMC Spitfire/MH434, for a Wing to Wings photo shoot. The Spitfire then did a couple of minutes of aerobatics before landing. In hangar 2 the TFC Nimrod was having a bit of TLC as was the Catalina. There was a bit of a DH Moth event on at Old Warden today but I didn't have to go there to see a rather nice coloured DH.80A Puss Moth which visited Duxford for a couple of hours and a Red Bull called in for a spot of fuel.

Duxford Bimble's ~ June 2015



Camera Used: Sony Alpha A-58 SLT + Tamron 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Lens  & Sony Alpha A-77II SLT & Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 SP Di VC USD lens

6th June 2015

A nice warm, sunny, blustery day at Duxford with the highest gust of wind I heard reported from the tower being 31Kts(35mph). The Blenheim left Duxford early afternoon on its way to the Throckmorton air show held at the former RAF Pershore airfield in Worcestershire. The Duxford based Bulldog was also appearing there. A surprise mid afternoon when the Rolls-Royce Spitfire XIX/PS853 flew over with a run and break and then touched down and parked up at ARCo. Why for we do not know.

9th June 2015

The Blenheim and two Mk.1 Spitfires were due to go up for a final formation air to air photo shoot before P9374/J is put on display outside the Churchill War Rooms in London from the 4th to 9th July before being sold at auction. They were still all sitting on the ground when I left Duxford this afternoon. The Catalina was back out in daylight again, after having half a dozen cylinder pots changed on the starboard engine, and had a low rev engine run out on the airfield before being parked back in its spot outside hangar two. In side hangar 2, the Nimrod of The Fighter Collection was being fitted out with long exhausts and the P-40C was hanging in the air, supported by a few jacks, while the undercarriage was retracted.

11th June 2015

A bit of a Mustang day at Duxford. Mustang IV/'Sharkmouth' had a training flight with plenty of circuits off the grass before departing south for the weekend. It's appearing at RAF Cosford for their air show on Sunday and will be back at Duxford on Monday. A little bit later 'Ferocious Frankie' went up for a handling flight to the north with a bit of aerobatics over the airfield on its return and will be appearing at the RAF Northolt Open Day on Saturday.

15th June 2015

During the morning the Duxford based Bulldog and Mustang IV/'Sharkmouth' both returned from air show duty at RAF Cosford at the weekend and we had Gunship 1 & 2, the Apache Display Team, fly over head on their way home to Wattisham from Cosford as well. During the morning, TFC had their Spitfire Mk.I/X4650 out on the airfield for an engine run and in the afternoon the Gladiator was also out for a spin of the prop.

18th June 2015

The F-100 Super Saber was moved this morning before the museum opened from inside the AAM to the hard standing that was formally occupied by the F-15. On the war bird side, the Duxford based Me.108 touched down early and the ARCo two seat Spitfire flew off to Sywell for the day and the Grace Spitfire was due to go flying later in the afternoon and ex-RAF Bulldog/G-DISA sat basking in the sunshine during its visit. On the GA side there were 4 French, one Dutch and an American registered aircraft parked on the jet pan with a few British registered aircraft thrown in as well with some parked on the grass by the side of the tower. Military included two Army Squirrel helicopters in for fuel for the crew an their aircraft and a Tutor from Barkeston Heath.

21st June 2015

With the Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association (MAFVA) holding its 2015 Nationals at Duxford, there were a lot more visitors about than for a normal Sunday. Flying started first thing when Mustang IV/'Sharkemouth' left Duxford for Goodwood and was replaced later in the afternoon with a Chipmunk from the Boutlbee Flight Academy. Not long after 'Sharkmouth' left, the ARCo two seat Spitfire/PV202 flew in and the Biggin Hill two seat Spitfire/MJ627 was passenger carrying throughout the day. The Blenheim left for display duty at the Flywheel Festival at Bicester returning later in the afternoon and B-17/'Sally-B' made a round trip to display at Weston-Super-Mare. The Catalina hadn't returned from displaying at the Weston show by the time I left.

24th June 2015

It was a bit noisy at Duxford today. Might have had something to do with the 2,000+ school children and teachers who were booked in for a Second World War Experience Day. Highlight of the day was the re-emergence into the sunshine, although briefly, of The Fighter Collection's P-40C Warhawk as it was moved from the west end of hangar 2 to the east end. I think I'll have to get a filter to cut down on the glare from the polished metal finish. Out on the airfield the TFC TF-51D Mustang/ “Miss Velma” was having an engine run and the Grace two-seat Spitfire was flying passengers throughout the day. The RV8TORS dropped in as well but not without a couple of display routines before landing.

27th June 2015

A very warm sunny day at Duxford although the clouds did have a knack of rolling in and obscuring said sun whenever there was any flying. A bit of a Spitfire day with the Biggin Hill two-seater/MJ627 and the OFMC Mk IX/MH434 flying with Classic Wings, the ARCo two-seater/PV202 returned from Goodwood and the Grace two-seater/ML407 flew off for an hour on air show duty. Mustang IV/'Sharkmouth' flew up from Goodwood in the afternoon and did several full stop circuits off the grass before returning back to Goodwood. The Duxford based Bulldog returned, probably from air show duty, the Autocrat/G-AGTO returned from a visit from Stow Maries and the Stearman flew a display routine on its return from a trip north. French registered Yak-50/F-AZXK also arrived for it's annual visit to Duxford.

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