Camera Used: Sony Alpha A7II & 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G SSM lens + Sony Alpha A6300 Compact Systems Camera with a Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC

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18th June 2016

It was a 'Vintage Aircraft Club' Bonus Day at Duxford but as far as I could seen there were only two aircraft that I would call any where near vintage. A Taylorcraft-Auster AOP.5/TJ534 and a Motor Cadet Mk.3/G-AYAN. If it wasn't for the Pup/Bulldogs that were included in the Bonus Day then visitors would have been a bit thin on the ground. When the silver Isaacs Spitfire/G-ISAC arrived I thought it might have been for the Classic Wings 'Fly With A Spitfire' flights but TA805 arrived from Biggin Hill for that. The BAS Twin Otter went walk, or would that be fly about, on a test flight for a couple of hours as it's off to Portugal on Sunday and Sally-B made the usual smoke screen on start up as it left for the weekend on air show duty.

30th June 2016

There were some war bird movements outside 2 hangar this morning, but that was before the museum opened and apart from the Mk XIV Spitfire, were packed away again when the museum did opened. The ARCo two seat Spitfire/PV202 went off early to Goodwood followed an hour or so later by P-51/Sharkmouth. Bulldog/G-AZHX, which was exported to Sweden in December 1971, is still wearing the 'Red Arrows' scheme it wore when flying as G-DOGE but has now reverted back to the original registration it had when it rolled off the Scottish Aviation (Bulldog) Limited production line at Prestwick Airport in November 1971. TFC Gladiator was out for an engine run and later went up to the tie-down pan for high speed engine runs and because the Jet Pan is closed there was a lot of aircraft parking on the grass with the Tutors having an away day at Duxford. TFC Corsair went up for an air test before a spot of aerobatics on its return and P-51/Ferocious Frankie went flying for the first time this year. Hoooray. Photos in the order they were taken.


Duxford Bimble's - June 2016

19th June 2016

Flying wise a very quiet day but the museum was packed with visitors probably taking advantage of the warm weather and sunshine and it also being Father's day. The weather in the morning did affect a De Havilland DH.87B Hornet Moth/G-ADKK which stopped off before the museum opened until the weather improved en-route to its destination. Harvard 'Taz' went up for just over an hour and Classic Wings were operating their 'Fly With A Spitfire' sorties again. The Buchon fired up as the museum opened in the morning and flew off on air show duty to return to Duxford after four hours and a few minutes. Photos in the order they were taken.

24th June 2016

A beautiful sunny Friday at Duxford but the clouds rolled in when ever there was an aeroplane about. How do they know to do that. Having called in for fuel first thing, a Eurocopter EC120B Colibri helicopter and Yak-3 fired up virtually together with the helicopter going on its way and the Yak probably to Sywell as it hadn't returned to Duxford when I left in the afternoon. Amongst the visiting Tutors and other flying, the ARCo and Biggin Hill two-seat Spitfires were up and down all afternoon passenger flying.

26th June 2016

With a view to using it on my London Bimbles, for that bit extra reach for street photography and wildlife in the parks etc., I dug out my E-mount Samyang f6.3 Reflex(Mirror) lens to get in some practice using it at Duxford. As with all Samyang lens they are manual focus and my keep rate went up during the day as I got used to it. Twisting the focus ring, there is a very fine tolerance of about 1mm between an image being in or out of focus. I had forgotten how entertaining manual focusing can be on moving subjects and as per fixed aperture lens, they produce a better image in bright sunlight.