Camera Used: Sony Alpha A6000 CSC & Sigma 100-400mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM lens + Sigma MC-11 SA-E Mount + Sony Alpha Nex 6 CSC & Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.

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4th June 2017

Weather wise, the day started with blue sky, sunshine and was quite warm. By the time the Nimrod's returned from Old Warden just before 4pm, it was wall to wall clouds, dark, cold and was trying to rain, but that's Duxford for you. Martin-Baker King Air was in first thing to pick up some passengers and Classic Wings were having another one of their 'Fly with a Spitfire' days. The HAC Nimrod had left early for the air show at Old Warden and the TFC Nimrod, Wildcat and Bearcat were parked out on the airfield with the Wildcat going up for a test flight and a spot of aerobatics. The Nimrods both returned from Old Warden at the same time with a run and break before landing. Sally-B was having her inboard engines run and 'Ice Cold Katy', the BAS Twin Otter, flew off during the afternoon.



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Duxford Bimble's - June 2017

Duxford Bimble's - June 2017

10th June 2017

A bit of a Spitfire Saturday at Duxford with TD314 heading off to Headcorn for the weekend and PV202 and N3200 flying with Classic Wings. I got some slightly different angles on N3200 as it made a cross wind landing, it was blowing across the runway from the south/south-west, and if only I could have zoomed back further than the 100mm the lens allowed. In the order taken.

14th June 2017

A very quiet day at Duxford despite the wall to wall blue sky, sunshine and mini heat wave. There were a few GA visitors, PV202 was up and down on passenger flights and the BBMF Lancaster emerged from the Stephenson Hangar late morning for some engine runs. Many thanks to Col for taking the air/sunny side shots for me and before anyone asks, I was told it will fly when it's ready.

17th June 2017

The Broussard left just as the museum opened and the Essex+Herts Air Ambulance called in for fuel and when it left just before mid-day the outside air temperature, according to the tower, was 27degC. So a bit Scorchio. Classic Wings were busy with their 'Experience Day' which as well as flying includes rides in a tank up at the Land Warfare Hall. MJ627 made a return visit from Biggin Hill for their 'Fly In A Spitfire' flights. Surprise item of the afternoon was Hurricane Mk.1/G-HITT which flew in from Old Warden, did a few aerobatic maneuvers over the airfield and then headed back to Old Warden. MH434 went on a two hour round trip to Weston-super-Mare for an air show which was where the MiG-15 was off to as well.

21st June 2017

Highlight of the day was the arrival of the Aurigny Trislander, which it did just gone 10am, for the Duxford Aviation Society collection and will eventually join Airliner Row. It was however upstaged by the Duxford based Buchon 'Yellow 10' when it emerged from the ARCo workshop in a new heavily weathered desert paint scheme to represent Messerschmitt Bf109 E-7 "Black 8" as flown by Leutnant Werner Schroer of Jagdgeschwader JG-27, Ain El Gazala, Libya in April 1941. P-51/Sharkie returned after its visit to Norway and Spitfire/NH341 arrived back at Duxford following its wheels up landing at Sywell last week. An Armée de l'Air Socata TBM-700A arrived early afternoon for a visit.

24th June 2017

Another Spitfire (+ Buchon) Saturday at Duxford. MH434 and the Buchon went off to Bicester for the weekend to take part in the Flywheel Festival being held there. Back Sunday. PV202 and N3200 were flying with Classic Wings and MV268 of Anglia Aircraft Restorations Ltd flew off to Sywell for the afternoon.

27th June 2017

No. 27 Squadron 100th Anniversary 'Grand Tour' didn't quite make it to Duxford when the four Tucano's were grounded at RAF Marham due to a bit of weather. At Duxford that amounted to torrential rain, thunder and lightning. There was a bit of flying when the East Anglian Air Ambulance Eurocopter EC135T2 was weather diverted from Cambridge and the Catalina cut short its training flight due to lightning in the area. Meanwhile in 2 hangar, P-51D “Frenesi” had been extracted from its container was being put together again for the Flying Legends air show. Many thanks to TFC for the hangar access. In hangar 2/north, Spitfire 1a/G-AIST was having its Dunkirk film markings reapplied for when the film is premiered next month. The ex-Aurigny Trislander has been moved into AirSpace where it will remain until after Legends and then go out on Airliner Row.