1st March 2015

It was a nice first day of the month at Duxford with sunshine, blue sky, reasonably warm but the strong wind made it a bit of an adrenaline pumping ride home on my motorbike when the gusts struck. All the action seemed to be taking place in Hangar 2/North. At the western end, they were playing musical aeroplanes as they tried to make room for the engineers so the new engine sitting on the wooden pallet could be attached to the Catalina. In the eastern end, B-17 'Sally-B' was up on jacks as undercarriage retraction tests could be carried out.

Duxford Bimble's ~ March 2015

Sony A7II CSC + Tamron 28-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Lens



4th March 2015

Contractors have now set up a base camp outside the now closed American Air Museum and built an exclusion zone along the front prior to dismantling the glazed wall. If it fits through the small double doors, like the Scud, then smaller exhibits are being moved out of the building and it could be the end of the month before any aircraft see daylight. In hangar 5 the stenciling on the F-15 is continuing, slowly, and in hangar 3 the HAC fleet have had a bit of a shuffle around since my last visit with the Hurricane now parked where the Nimrod used to be. Outside hangar 2, the Boultbee two-seat Spitfire had been pulled out into the sunshine out for a bit of a photo shoot which I took advantage of. The Spring Quilt Show were setting up display stands in AirSpace for the main event which starts on Friday.

7th March 2015

Despite it feeling like the warmest day of the year so far, there was still a bit of a wind chill from the blustery breeze blowing in from the west. Apart from the Quilt Show, I wasn't expecting much to be happening at Duxford on Saturday so it was nice to see the Boultbee Academy two-seat Spitfire flying during the afternoon. The fine weather also brought out the GA flyers with the Harvard being a nice war bird visitor.

10th March 2015

Beautiful, glorious day at Duxford and virtually nothing was flying. I was having my lunch sitting in the sunshine when a visiting Chipmunk started doing circuits and after it had parked up a Red Bull XtremeAir Sbach 300 flew in and also parked up. In 2 hangar The Fighter Collection Harvard is undergoing its annual inspection prior to returning to flying this year and the Gladiator is back on three wheels. In hangar 5, the stencil work on the F-15 continues.

13th March 2015

Survived my Friday the 13th motorbike ride up and down the A14/M11. Not that I'm superstitious or anything. Touch wood. There was high cloud that diffused the sunlight with a bit of a wind chill from the breeze. Spitfire HFIX was extracted from hangar 3 and headed down to ARCo where a few other war birds were taking advantage of the the sunshine. The Duxford based Jet Provost T.5 went for a flight during the afternoon as did the Classic Wings Harvard.

14th March 2015

Weather wise, a day of two half's at Duxford. The morning was low cloud and visibility and it was probably warmer in Siberia but that didn't stop a superb display in the far from ideal conditions by TD314 which took off just as doors opened. It returned for an air to air photo shoot in the lowering cloud base and with a bit of rain falling put paid to the Stearman and everything else going flying. Afternoon and it was blue sky and sunshine with a touch of wind chill thrown in. The ARCo Harvard, 'Taz' was doing circuits and the Boultbee Spitfire after flying to the north, returned for a display and then circuits with lots of landings and take offs. Photos in the order they were taken.

25th March 2015

With the prospect of some nice sunny weather if still a little chilly and the possibility of a bit of flying, I dug out and dusted off my Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 SP Di VC USD Lens so I could get to grips with it before the start of the air show season as I only received it toward the end of last year. Certainly got a good work out as there was more flying than I expected. Boultbee were having a training day with their two-seat Spitfire and the ARCo Harvard so plenty of circuits. A Sikorsky S76 helicopter from Stansted dropped in to do maintenance and rotor check flights all day and Classic Wings were flying as well. Late afternoon and the Mk.1 Spitfire/P9374 went flying for the first time this year with an air test and then five minutes of aerobatics over the airfield. The HAC Mk.V Spitfire looked ready to fly but I left before it might have. There was a good selection of GA visitors during the day, all good target practice, with the Enstrom helicopter being the most exotic. With the clouds rolling in periodically, lighting conditions were trying at times and photos in the order they were taken.

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