8th May 2016

As I'm off to Old Warden on Sunday, I thought I'd best get some practice in using the Tamron 150-600mm lens. There was a Duxford Bonus Day, half price landing/entrance fees, for Vans aircraft so plenty of targets to practice panning on and enough war birds flying to happily snap away at. It was hazy with high cloud defusing the light but warm with it. In the order they were taken first at the Tank Bank in the morning and the M11 end in the afternoon.



Camera Equipment Used: Sony Alpha A77mII SLT Camera +  Sony 70-400mm f4-5.6 G SSM  Lens  & Sony Alpha A6300 Compact Systems Camera with a Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC

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Duxford Bimble's - May 2016

28th & 29th May 2016 ~ The American Air Show

After many years watching the Duxford air shows from the eastern or M11 end of the airfield, new CAA rules necessitated a change of location to the western end as the display centre line was now the VC-10, in airliner row, to keep aircraft from displaying over the M11 motorway. I found a spot on the inclined footpath leading up to the Land Warfare Hall where I could look down on the passing aircraft on the taxi way. Both day's, weather wise, were basically the same with low cloud covering Cambridgeshire during the morning, lifted by mid-day and blue sky and sunshine at the end. With the new CAA rules, display flying seemed very sedate with not a lot of top sides but a lot of undersides. Came away with less photos than I would normally take at a Duxford air show even using my Tamron 150-600mm lens as some aircraft were just to far away.

Duxford Bimble's - May 2016

12th May 2016

After being stuck inside for a couple of day's because of rain, it was nice to get out in the sunshine again even though the day did start off with a heavy haze but cleared away to nice blue sky in the afternoon. The ARCo two-seat Spitfire was up and down all day on training flights and the Yak 3UA was out on the grass for an engine run before being taken for a tie down run at the 06 end of the runway. Duxford heliport was in operation again during the afternoon with a couple of Griffin HT.1 helicopters from the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury, that arrived and departed separately. As I was waiting for the second Griffin to depart, a flight of 4 Army Air Corps Lynx Mk.9 helicopters flew over which I believe were the last 4 helicopters to leave Dishforth en-route to their new base at Middle Wallop. Late afternoon and Skyvan/G-PIGY arrived with a friend and parked up on the jet pan for the night.

15th May 2016

A busy Sunday at Duxford with lots of GA types filling up the jet pan with a few war birds flying to make up for all the spam cans. Having flown in on Thursday with Skyvan/G-PIGY in tow, the Belgian registered Turbo Commander flew in again but this time with Bronco/Tiger 1 in tow and both parked up with G-PIGY on the jet pan. The Skyvan and Bronco are both appearing at the Duxford air show at the end of the month. The blue Classic Wings based Harvard flew some aerobatics in the morning and in the afternoon went pairs flying with ARCo Harvard/Taz. Also flying with Classic Wings was the Biggin Hill based Spitfire/TA805. Highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of Mustang P-51D/Miss Helen which went off to the north on a test flight for about 10 minutes and then did several circuits before leaving for Goodwood. Weather wise it was a very nice sunny, warm day but the clouds did roll in to block out the sun every time the war birds went flying. Photos in the order they were taken.

17th May 2016

A busy-ish Tuesday at Duxford with the Classic wings blue Harvard and one of their Rapides doing training flights as was the Catalina which was up and down all day. Highlight was the Yak-3, who's engine finally behaved itself, and after a test flight to the north we had a bit of aerobatics on its return. The Bronco flew out yesterday but returned and parked up next to G-PIGY again. Photography wise, and in the order they were taken, it was a bit naff as on Sunday the clouds rolled in at the most inopportune moments.

19th May 2016

A wall to wall cloudy day at Duxford, so far from ideal photographic conditions, but it must be summer as 'Ice Cold Katy' the British Antarctic Survey Twin Otter resplendent in a new coat of red paint arrived for temporary residence. The Boultbee T9 arrived around lunch time but it was mid afternoon before any of the war birds stirred. ARCo two seat Spitfire/PV202 and Taz went up on training flights and the Yak-3 for a handling flight and some aerobatics and P-40C flew to the north also on a handling flight. Late afternoon and the Humberside Big Wing, two Spitfires and the Buchon, arrived with a run and break before landing. Wasn't planning to go to Duxford tomorrow but might be worth a visit now. Photos in the order they were taken.

20th May 2016

Many thanks to everyone at ARCo and all the pilots for all the flying and aerobatics today and keeping us all entertained. The Blenheim flew two formations with a pair of Harvard's in the morning and a solo display but the highlight was in the afternoon with a formation display with three Spitfires and very nice it was to. Between ARCo and the Classic Wings 'Fly in a Spitfire' flights, TFC flew the P-40C again with some aerobatics thrown in this time.

22nd May 2016

Lots of visitors at Duxford on Sunday but probably had something to do with the Aston Martin owners club event that had taken over the western end of the museum site. I stayed away but there was an Aston Martin car along with an Extra 300L belonging to the Blades parked outside AirSpace. The Extra didn't stay there long as it was soon moved to the Jet Pan to stop the visitors mauling it to pieces. It was the turn of The Fighter Collection to have a training day with the Harvard doing check flights and the Hawk-75 and Corsair doing aerobatics. Photos in the order they were taken.

26th May 2016

A quiet day at Duxford.The Yak-3 and Wildcat flew display's and the Skyvan flew out at lunchtime and returned later and was to display with the Bronco very late afternoon. There was an Apache helicopter doing circuits and as it left another Apache with 'GUNSHIP' in white on its rocket pods flew in for a practice display. Highlight of the afternoon was around 3.30pm when Mildenhall based Bell Boeing CV-22B Osprey (12)-0063 flew in from the west along the length of the hard runway before touching down at the 24 threshold and then taxied to its parking spot on the jet pan. It was very good at blowing the newly mown grass away though.

27th May 2016

The ARCo Buchon broke cover today, when it went for a practice display the the Desert Buchon, in its new temporary film colour scheme with its bright yellow nose which should tone down once it gets a bit of staining and weathering. The Skyvan/Bronco display is quite impressive with the synchronised flying especially the pairs landing.