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Having had a compass swing on the Wednesday, we knew the first flight of the 'US Navy SNJ-5'(G-CHIA) wouldn't be to far away. Luckily it was today while I was there and John Romain was the pilot. Depending on the lighting conditions at the time the colour of the SNJ-5 went from a nice yellow in sunshine to deep orange when it was overcast.


Duxford Bimble ~ November 2012

Friday, 2nd November 2012

During the morning John Romain had taken the Rolls-Royce Mk.XIX Spitfire, finished in the markings No16 Sqn in 1945,  for an air test with some nice aerobatics when he returned. There was a three day 'Quilting Event' taking place in AirSpace which should have been held at Chilford Hall but it had burnt down recently. Gates to the event car park on the jet pan opened at 09.30 and when I left early afternoon, there were still cars arriving for the event.

Monday, 5th November 2012

Having arrived in a distinctively marked Scottish Aviation Bulldog, Phill O'Dell, Rolls Royce Chief Pilot, took the Rolls-Royce Mk.XIX Spitfire/PS853 for a bit of a spin on what turned out to be its penultimate flight at Duxford. As the crowd/parking barriers were still in place on the jet pan from the weekend quilting event, I took advantage of the different view point for some low level shots. The problem with genuflecting (stop sniggering at the back) is the getting up again.

Wedensday, 7th November 2012

Following a test flight in the morning, in the afternoon Phill O'Dell flew the Rolls-Royce Mk.XIX Spitfire/PS853/(G-RRGN) back to its home base at East Midlands Airport following it's arrival at Duxford in September  2010 for a major overhaul by the Aircraft Restoration Company.

Wedensday, 19th November 2012

Apart from an Apache helicopter flitting about and a load of school kids, another quiet day at Duxford. The OFMC engineers were removing the propellers from their two aircraft having first moved their temporary resident from The Fighter Collection outside so the fork lift  truck could move thad access to remove the props.

Saturday, 24th November 2012

As I wont be back to Duxford for another week or so, I thought I'd better get some record shots of the Historic Aircraft Collection Hawker Hurricane XIIa/Z5140/HA-C as on December 3rd it's being auctioned by Bonhams at Mercedes-World, Weybridge with a reserve price of £1.4M. It might not be a Duxford resident for much longer. It's stable mate, Spitfire MkVb/BM597/JH-C, is back in hangar 3 minus a few panels and exhaust stubs. The removal of the Merlin engine of the OFMC P-51 'Ferocious Frankie' continues apace.