1st November 2013

The Quilt Show was underway in the Conservation Hall of AirSpace with visitors to the show being parked on the Jet Pan next to the Shackleton. Inside AirSpace, one of the half term activities was taking place around the Lancaster. An appropriately dressed educational re-enactor described the ins and outs of the Dam Buster raid using a model of a Lancaster, with a bouncing ball, on a zip line and coloured building blocks representing the dam that the ball would knock over. Inside hangar 2 the Catalina has now joined Sally-B for winter maintenance and the supercharger of the Rolls-Royce Griffon 65 of the TFC FR.XIVe Spitfire has now been sent away for servicing.  

Duxford Bimble's ~ November 2013

Sony NEX-5N/Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS Lens + Sony A3000/Sony E 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS Lens

21st November 2013

OFMC's P-51, 'Ferocious Frankie' went for a test flight today with the prop and spinner from the Hardwick Warbirds 'Marinell' bolted to the front to aid with an ongoing vibration problem. A nice bit of display flying over the airfield as well. Meanwhile the only noticeable changes since my last visit include in the American Air Museum, the B-17 has had its chin turret attached and the TFC Corsair has spread its wings. The Lynx, that had been resident in 3 hangar, has had a Bimble down to AirSpace to keep the inmates there company. The Boultbee Flight Academy Spitfire T-9 is in temporary residence in 3 hangar and apart from a couple of GA visitors the only other flying was from a Sikorsky S-76C doing circuits around the airfield.

8th November 2013

After a week away, visiting family, time to return to all matters Duxford. Museum staff were busy preparing the site for Remembrance Sunday when admission is free. The biggest change since my last visit has been in hangar 3 where HMS Stickleback, the walk through midget submarine exhibit, has been removed and probable heading on loan to the Royal Navy Museum at Portsmouth Dockyard. The empty space has made it easier to photograph the Buccaneer now. In hangar 5 the Zero fuselage has been moved next to the Lancaster cockpit and closer to the doors so could soon be following other exhibits back down to IWM London. Apart from a couple of civilian helicopter’s and some visiting GA aircraft the only war bird activity was the bright Yellow SN5-J that moved from ARCo into hangar 2 which meant shuffling a few of the airframes around to fit it in.

12th November 2013

There was a bit of moisture in the air this morning when P-51 Mustang 'Ferocious Frankie' left Duxford for a day or two filming work but it made for some interesting vortex shots. Early afternoon and the ARCo Tr.IX two-seat Spitfire went flying and returned with the Boultbee Academy Tr.IX in tow. The passenger in the ARCo Tr.IX apparently enjoyed his flight by his arm waving as they taxied back to dispersal. Late afternoon and a Beechcraft Bonanza 36 camera ship and the two Tr.IX's fired up and took off for an air to air photo shoot. Fortunately they returned just before the museum closed at 4 o'clock. While waiting for the Spitfire's a pair of Yak 52's touched down but parked at the other end of the airfield and by the time I got there, they were covered up for a night stop.

30th November 2013

With the naff weather it being cold, dark wall to wall clouds which cleared and then closed in again and trying to rain as I rode down, I wasn't expecting much to be happening at Duxford on a Saturday so was going to do a bit of experimenting with camera settings. Instead there turned out to be quite a bit of GA activity including a visit by a BN Islander and S-76/G-FULM back in the circuit for some training flights. The flying perked up in the afternoon when P-51 Frankie went up for about 10 minutes for another air test. Did I mention it was cold. I did do a bit of experimenting using the in-camera High Dynamic Range mode using HDR as a means to enhance detail in the shadows rather than the weird colours that some people seem to associate with HDR. I was using the tail cone of the Shackleton parked on the Jet Pan to sheild the sun but by this HDR shot the clouds had rolled in a bit.

22nd November 2013

Despite the blue sky and sunshine is was definately colder than yesterday. Frankie was back in the air again for another air test still with the propeller from Marinell but with its own yellow spinner in place. The TFC bright yellow Carbon Cub had a couple of flights and two thirds of the Red Sparrows (Chipmunks) were doing training flights from Duxford.

26th November 2013

It was a cold and frosty ride on my motorbike down to Duxford this morning but the blue sky and sunshine soon disappeared when the clouds rolled in. It did turn a bit warmer though. With the departure back down to Lambeth of the 3 large artillery pieces from hangar 5/north, the vacated space was soon filled when the Strikemaster was moved in from hangar 3. In hangar 2/north, winter maintenance is continuing on the B-17, which has had its port wing leading edge removed, and the Catalina is now wheel less. In AirSpace the glazed windscreen on Concorde, that was raised during supersonic flight, has been lowered and the cockpit windscreens given a clean over the weekend. This is part of the project to return electrical power to the cockpit of Concorde to light up all the dials and gages. It’s also planned to have the nose cone lowered as well. In the Conservation Hall, another corporate event was taking place.