3rd October 2013

Apart from a few school parties wandering around the museum, it was very quiet although the sight of a crane outside Hangar 5/North-West was a bit of a draw for me. It was being used to lift the British WWI tank so that the tracks could be placed beneath it. Also in Hangar 5, the He.162A-1 Salamander now has its engine pod in place and looks pretty much complete and a couple heavy duty guns have arrived from storage and needing a bit more than tender loving care by the looks of them.

Duxford Bimble's ~ October 2013

26th October 2013

A some what blustery day but if the forecast for gale force winds predicted for the next couple of days is to be believed, then a gentle breeze was blowing across the airfield.  I was inside the American Air Museum when a yellow/orange, depending on the lighting conditions at the time, SNJ-5 in US Navy markings touched down on the grass strip closely followed by a Chipmunk. By the time I got down to ARCo the SNJ was tucked up in the workshop and the Chipmunk left a short time later.  An Agusta A.109 touched down for a pit stop and the only other flying was the Classic WIngs Rapide and Harvard. Meanwhile in hangar 5 the Salamander has been moved to a more easily accessible, photography wise, location and has been joined by the BE.2c fuselage from hangar 3. In hangar 2 a nice little collection of RAF/Luftwaffe aircraft has been assembled.

Equipment Used: Sony Alpha A57 SLT + Sony16-105mm/f3.5-5.6 Lens &  Sony Alpha A58SLT & Sony 70-300mm G SSM/f4.5-5.5 Lens

Sony NEX-5N + Sony E 10-18mm/f/4 OSS

7th October 2013

With the run up to the air show on Sunday, I wasn't really expecting anything to be happening until later in the week but today when I arrived at Duxford the Nieuport Replica was sitting out on the airfield and was joined around mid-day by the TFC Gladiator, Harvard and Staggerwing. The Nieuport left for a visit to Stow Maries and Anna Walker flew the Harvard with an aerobatic routine over the airfield on return from an air test. Pete Kynsey flew the Gladiator with a very sedate and flowing display in the late afternoon sunshine. Although the Staggerwing had a couple of engine runs, it stayed firmly planted on the Duxford grass.

8th October 2013

A very quiet and an unseasonably warm day at Duxford. The calm before the storm - literally according to the weather forecast for the next few days. The Catalina was the first war bird on the move when it was parked out on the airfield following a low rev engine run. As The Fighter Collection were extracting their P-40F for an engine run out on the grass, the desert camouflaged Buchon flew in from its home base at Humberside airport with Cliff Spink giving a short display before landing and parking up at ARCo.

9th October 2013

A little bit of flying today with the L4 Cub displaying within the airfield boundaries with some tight turns and sideways flying. Two thirds of the Red Sparrows (Chipmunks) flew in and after a couple of circuits flew off again. They returned during the afternoon with their full compliment of three aircraft. TFC had most of their fleet from the east side of their hangar out on the airfield for engine runs. Mid afternoon and the Catalina had a brief test flight with a couple of circuits before landing.

10th October 2013

Although there was blue sky and sunshine, to start with, there was also a bitterly cold and blustery wind blowing. It was a wooly hat and gloves day. Apart from one GA visitor there was no flying, even the resident flock of birds were noticeable by their absence. Today TFC had aircraft from the western side of their hangar out on the airfield including the Hellcat which hasn't been air side for a couple of years now. Unfortunately only the Spitfire and Hawk had engine runs as a rain front put paid to any further entertainment.

11th October 2013

Blue sky and sunshine when I left home this morning but the further south I traveled, the cloudier it got. First arrival around 11.00 was the display Tucano and spare aircraft and while the spare parked up the other did a full practice display over the airfield. Just after that light rain started. An hour later and the TFC P-40B was doing brake tests on the grass while the ARCo Harvard 'Taz' was doing a flat aerobatic display above. The light rain then turned to heavy rain and I made a fast exit from the crowd line to Wing Co Joe's, to get a cappuccino to warm up, and then to the gun butt between two and three hangars to have my lunch in the dry. By 15.00 the rain had more or less stopped and the Sabre was taken for a quick blast up and down the wet runway for a brake test.

12th October 2013

Although there was blue sky and sunshine at the start of the day, clouds soon rolled in which didn't make for ideal photographic conditions and when I left Duxford at 4.30pm it was raining and cold. The Matadors were first up with a display just after the museum opened and then TFC came out to play with the Hawk 75 then the Staggerwing followed by the P-40B & F. The Buchon pair were displaying as part of the Blenheim Society AGM being held at ARCo. The Royal Navy turned up next with the Lynx and Richard Grace took his two seater Spitfire for a spin. The P-40F had a second flight and was followed by the T.28 and the Beaver. Two Magister's flew in next and I heard on the radio that someone wanted to do a fly-by and I think I heard the word Fury mentioned. An Isaacs Fury I wasn't expecting though. The Duxford based Cub and Auster were doing circuits in the rain as I left. One of the best Saturday's I've had at Duxford in a long time.

14th October 2013

Having left home earlier than normal and parking on both the A14 and M11 due to 'Incidents' because of the wet roads, I made it to Duxford just in time to see the canopy on the Hunter closing and the Tucano crew preping their aircraft for their return to home base. Elsewhere ARCo were moving their aircraft off the airfield and back into hangar 2 and museum satff clearing up after the air show. Lots of cars and motorbikes of various ages, shapes and descriptions were arriving for the H&H auction in AirSpace on Wednesday.

20th September 2013

With the air show season over for another year, time to down size my camera equipment and bag and dig out my Sony NEX-5N and remember where everything is in its menu. It's a lot lighter to swing around on the end of a mono-pod as well. With a break in the rain front that was passing through Cambridgeshire, it was a quick visit to Duxford where winter maintenance is well under way. Looks like the RR Griffon engine in the TFC Spitfire XIVe/MV268 is about to part company with the airframe and having spent the start of the year without an engine, the OFMC P-51D Mustang/'Ferocious Frankie' looks to be ending the year without a propeller. Outside, paint stripping has started on the Herald outside hangar 3 and B-17 'Sally-B' was in the process of having her wings clipped prior to a move into hangar 2 next week.

23rd October 2013

It was time once again for Sally-B to leave her parking space on the jet pan to go undercover for winter maintenance/hibernation. First the aircraft in hangar 2/north had to be moved out to get Sally-B in which gave the opportunity, between the rain fronts, to grab a few snaps of aircraft that don't usually venture out into the day light. Many thanks to the engineers & crews from ARCo, B-17 Preservation and Classic Wings for the entertainment.

24th October 2013

150th visit of the year to Duxford and still two months to the end of the year to cram some more in. I wasn't expecting much to have changed since I left yesterday but on arriving this morning you couldn't miss the Shackleton sitting on the jet pan where Sally-B had been the day before and the Victor parked outside AirSpace. The Conservation Hall!! is being used this weekend as part of the ELMS BMW roadshow and next weekend the Quilt Show is back. There were a couple of war bird movements with the Desert Buchon going down to ARCo and the Grace Sptifire doing circuits and TFC parked their Hellcat on the airfield for an engine run. In hangar 5 the Lancaster cockpit 'F for Freddie' has moved from the north side of the hangar to the south side.

29th October 2013

Half term and the museum was packed. Visitors were still queuing outside to get in gone 11.30 and when I left at 13.00, it was getting too crowded to get decent photos, there were cars cruising the car park looking for a place to park. The museum and aircraft survived the Monday morning storm (in a tea cup) and today sitting on the grass down at ARCo was the Yale which had a compass swing before returning to hangar 2. The Desert Buchon departed back to home base at Humberside airport.