Camera Used: Sony Alpha A6300 + Sony Alpha A7RII Compact System Cameras + Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.

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5th October 2016

Must remember that now we are in Autumn, when the wind blows from the east it's a cold wind that blows. Gloves are now packed in my camera bag. TFC were out to play with the yellow Carbon Cub and the Mk.XIV Spitfire having engine runs and the Hawk 75 going north for a handling check and a spot of aerobatics over the airfield on its return. The clipped wing Victor is temporarily outside as H&H Auctions will be in AirSpace next week for one of their car/motorbike auctions.



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Duxford Bimble's - October 2016

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Duxford Bimble's - October 2016

12th October 2016

With the H&H Car auctions taking place, it was busy with lots of extra visitors at Duxford today. Up in 5 hangar, the T.33 and F.100 were being wedged into their containers for their trip back to America. Also leaving Duxford was the ex-TFC Spitfire Mk.XIV/G-SPIT which flew out to join the North Weald Heritage Aviation fleet. The Desert Buchon went up for a couple of flights with a spot of aerobatics and the yet to fly Sopwith Pup had a brief airing outside during a bit of a move in hangar 3. The public viewing area, a lean to on the car park side of the Stephenson Hangar, is now open for viewing the Lancaster. Because of the glass doors at either end of the viewing area, photography is a bit challenging as there are a lot of reflections off the window glass. I'm sure I have some black cloth somewhere I can wrap around the end of the lens for a light seal.

13th October 2016

A quieter day at Duxford but very busy outside AirSpace with car transporters and vans with trailers taking away the vehicles from the auction the day before. Flying wise, it was a bit of a helicopter day with an Agusta AW190 Power doing circuits during a light rain front that passed across Duxford and an RAF schemed Gazelle and Robinson R44 parking up at ARCo and Spitfire/PV202 was up and down flying passengers. Highlight of the day was the first engine run of the Sopwith Scout(Pup)/G-ELRT which eventually coughed into life after many flicks of the propeller. After the run it went back into hangar 3 but later in the afternoon it was out again for some taxy runs.

18th October 2016

It was Aston Martin Cambridge day at Duxford on Tuesday. A limited edition of 8 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S ‘Spitfire 80’ models, to mark the Spitfire's 80th anniversary, were handed over to their new owners in a ceremony in AirSpace. For each car sold, Aston Martin Cambridge was making a donation to the RAF Benevolent Fun and although they look black the cars were finished in a specially created ‘Duxford Green’ colour. Flying started in the afternoon with the Desert Buchon returning home to Humberside and as part of the hand-over experience the owners of the new Aston Martins were treated to a flight in a two-seat Spitfire. As well as the usual MJ627 from Biggin Hill it was accompanied by MT818/G-AIDN which was the prototype two-seat trainer which first flew in September 1946 and the first time I've seen this particular aircraft. The aircraft flew in pairs and after they were finished their passenger flights and heading back south to Biggin Hill, the eight Aston Martins were allowed out onto the main runway where they parked up waiting for the IWM's Mk.1 Spitfire to fly a few low passes over them as part of a photo shoot both on the ground and from the Castle Air A109 helicopter. Once the cars had left the main runway, the Spitfire came back in the late autumnal light for a display over the airfield and on landing parked up by the tower for another photo shoot with the cars. Photos in the order taken.

22nd October 2016

Start of the Half Term Holidays and there were a lot of visitors around the museum. In hangar 3, ARCo were having another successful 'Sit in a Spitfire' experience with a constant queue all day. Classic Wings were busy with Harvard 'Taz' and Tiger Moth flights all day. They were also supposed to be having Rapide 'Wing to Wings with a Spitfire' flight as well but Spitfire/MH434, which they usually use, was not very well and one was coming up from Biggin Hill. Unfortunately Biggin Hill was spent most of the morning covered with fog and low cloud and Spitfire/TA805 didn't arrive until early afternoon. Notable amongst the GA visitors was Hornet Moth/G-ADNE which was doing circuits off the grass and hard runways. As of tomorrow, Sunday 23rd October, the Museum starts winter hours and will close at 4pm. Photos in the order they were taken.

23rd October 2016

A very bright, to hazy for decent photography, cold autumnal Sunday at Duxford. Took the opportunity to get some record shots of the Victor in AirSpace for the last time as it will be moved out this week, to make way for the Quilt Show next weekend, and into hangar 5 at the start of November for the next 3 to 5 years for major conservation work. There was only one Classic Wings 'Spitfire Wing to Wings' flight with their season finishing next weekend and winter has definitely arrived as the Catalina and B-17/Sally-B are tucked up in hangar 2/north for annual maintenance. Had a look inside the Stephenson Hangar, where the BBMF Lancaster is housed, and the lights were off and you can not really see anything. Just a very dark shape in the shadows, no details. If you want to see the Lancaster then a weekday visit when the lights are on is advisable.