2nd September 2013

Arrived at Duxford this morning and there was the end of a yellow crane jib sticking up in the air in the vicinity of 5 hangar. Curiosity as they say....so a steady walk to the other end of the museum and there was a flat bed trailer with the fuselage of Harrier Gr.9A/ZD461 sitting on the ground next to it. Eventually it was loaded onto the trailer, fuselage and metal frame weighed 3.8 tons apparently, and by just after lunch time it was secured with a tarpaulin tied over it ready for its journey down to London and installation in the refurbished Atrium of IWM London. With all the doors to hangar 5 north & south open, I got some record shots. A brisk walk down to Hangar 2 just in time for TFC to bring some of their fleet outside into the sunshine. The Bearcat was going flying which it did, twice. Anna Walker had a flight in the Cosmic Wind which I now seen has been added to the Duxford Air Show this weekend for Saturday only. As I was leaving, the two Mk1 Spitfires were towed out onto the airfield for what looked like engine runs.

Duxford Bimble's ~ September 2013

Equipment Used: Sony Alpha A57 SLT + Sony16-105mm/f3.5-5.6 Lens &  Sony Alpha A58SLT & Sony 70-300mm G SSM/f4.5-5.5 Lens



3rd September 2013

Another day and a bit more war bird flying. First up was the Grace Spitfire which after spending a few weeks at Duxford has now returned home to Bentwaters and was followed by the Silver T.28/G-TROY which went for an air test before returning for some aerobatics. The ARCo T9 was also out and about and doing a few circuits. In hangar 2/south The Fighter Collection yellow carbon cub has relinquished its American registration for a more appropriate G-reg, and in H2/north, the Leopard Moth is sitting a little forlornly waiting the return of its engine. The doors to all the hangars are receiving a bit of routine maintenance and this morning it was the turn of AirSpace and an opportunity to photograph the Typhoon in sunlight without it actually being outside in the sunlight.

4th September 2013

The Fighter Collection were out to play again but it was mainly engine runs and compass swings on some of their fleet and even the Carbon Cub had an engine run and brake test. The ARCo T9 two-seat spitfire had left for Sywell for the day and just gone mid-day the Desert camouflaged T.28 Fennec went for a flight with a display routine when it returned from the north. Having arrived last month for a spot of maintenance, the Welsh two-set Spitfire left for its home in North Wales followed by the arrival of one of the TRIG team Pitts Specials. It was also noticably quieter around the museum site as the school holidays have come to an end.

6th September 2013

I arrived at Duxford just before the rain started this morning and it didn't stop til mid afternoon. The Patrouille de France, who are operating out of Cambridge Airport, flew a four ship around the airfield for about 20 minutes for reference and datum points and that was it. No full display. The Desert T.28 left for RAF Leuchars and their air show on Saturday and returning for the Duxford show on Sunday. Late afternoon a brightly lit yellow Cub, using the call sign 'Crazy 1', arrived. It was doing trailer landings as I was leaving. The Dutch B-25N Mitchell and Spitfire LF.IXc flew in together after which point I left for home with the Norwegian T.33 arriving half an hour later.

7th & 8th September 2013 - September Air Show

The two-day show didn’t quite go according to plan. A couple of pilots were ill, aircraft going tech, and of course the weather with rain on both days. Saturday had the most changes but the highlight was the British Airways 747 with a low, slow and quiet wheel down pass and a low, fast and quiet departure. The display on Sunday was more or less as published with the B-25 featuring heavy with a Display Authorisation routine before the main air show, then flypast’s with the B-17 and T-28 Fennec, all aircraft using the same type of engines, before its own routine and when it returned from displaying at Cosby it did another routine in the pouring rain while other aircraft were recovering to land.  

9th September 2013

With the Dutch B-25 and Spitfire having departed for home at the end of the Sunday Show, it only left the visiting Norwegian T.33, two Vampire's and the two RAF Tucanos to leave on Monday. Unfortunately the Tucanos left before the museum opened at 10.00 and as the museum opened so did the heavens when it started raining again. By mid-day it was clearing up from the east and the Norwegian Vampire crew decided to make a break for it and head home. The T.33 is due to leave on Thursday, subject to the usual's.

18th September 2013

Autumn is definitely on its way as my gloves have now migrated from the bottom of my camera bag to the top. The only war bird movement today was Spitfire Mk.1/P9374 as it sat briefly on the grass outside ARCo. A few changes in Hangar 5 with a few more small pieces appearing that I didn’t see when they were brought up from London but a major change has been the Salamander/Yellow ‘6’ which has been moved from storage and is now receiving a bit of tender loving care. Classic Wings have had to vacate their hangar down by ARCo, as it’s being relocated due to some building work, and the fleet of aircraft have taken up temporary residence in Hangar 2/North. Rapide/HG691 is undergoing a bit of major surgery with its lower wing having been removed. Apart from the usual GA arrivals and departures the only other flying while I was their was from the Jungmann/G-BSAJ which left for its home base having stayed over from the last air show and a Qatar registered Eurocopter EC155 which was doing circuit training.

21st September 2013

A grey day at Duxford and a tad cool as well. For the couple of hours I was there I saw more war bird flying than in the last couple of weeks. This time it was ARCo providing the entertainment with their Spitfire T9 and Harvard 'Taz' doing the flying with both going up several times. No one seemed to take much notice of the little red & white Pitts Special which flew in during the morning and was sitting on the jet pan. That was until the pilot turned it to face into the rain front that was just about to pass through Duxford. Suddenly it became a popular subject to photograph.

22nd September 2013

A very quiet day at Duxford although it was very warm with a bit of sunshine thrown in as well. In between a few visiting GA types and the Cassic Wings Tiger Moths flitting about The Fighter Collection Spitfire Mk.Vb/EP102 was standing in for an un-servicable MH434 for the 'Fly With A Spitfire' air-to-air photo event. There were three flights in formation with the Classic Wings Rapide/G-AKIF.

26th September 2013

It was a Classic Wings flying day today. The Rapide was doing air-to-air photography with the OFMC Spitfire, with Nigel Lamb flying MH434, and the Tiger Moth's and Harvard's were up and down quite regularly while I was there. There were at least two Apache helicopters from Wattisham making use of the airfield grass runway during the morning. The only other war bird flying was a visiting Chipmunk/G-BBND. Inside hangar 2, the TFC T.20 Sea Fury is in the process of having its Bristol Centaurus removed from the rest of the aircraft.

29th September 2013 - Back To The Forties

IWM Duxford held its first 'Back To The Forties' event at the museum with Living History groups representing UK and American armed forces, personnel and equipment and more 'Willys-Truck-1/4ton-4x4's' (Jeeps) than you can throw hand grenades at. There were also displays featuring the civilian effort during the war and after with the Red Cross, Land Army, ARP Wardens and Fire Fighters. A lot of the public, and it was well attended, had arrived in period costume. There were also period singers and Lindy Hop dancing along with a display of period cars and trucks on the hangar base outside Wing Co Joe's Cafe with one Rolls-Royce car with an unusual radiator cap ornament. The weather was sunny and warm but a bit of a blustery breeze was blowing. Photos in the order they were taken.