3rd September 2014

It's been nice the last couple of months being able to drive straight down the A14 from St Ives to the M11 without stopping, but now the school holidays are over it's back to parking and slowly moving again. A bit misty at the start of the day and there was the occasional bit of sunshine through the clouds during the day and the museum site is being prepared for the coming air show with marquees and barriers going up. Late morning and the Desert Buchon headed back to its home in Humberside followed not long afterwards by the TFC Spitfire Mk.V taking to the skies over Cambridgeshire with a very nice display over the airfield.     B-17 'Sally-B' fired up and then headed off to Switzerland for an airshow at the weekend. The ARCo and Grace two-seater Spitfires were regularly flying during the day and the two T.28 Fennec's put on a very nice pairs display routine. The TFC Bearcat was due back from its little holiday at Shoreham but hadn't arrived by the time I left.

Duxford Bimble's ~ September 2014

28th September 2014

A busy day at Duxford that started off with a little yellow helicopter parked museum side in the grassed area at the M11 end. It was soon moved air side and it along with a couple of microlights and a DHL sponsored Extra EA.200 were taking part in a Classic Wings flying event. Spitfire MH434 was also taking part in a Wing to Wing flying experience with the Classic Wings Dragon Rapide's. Late afternoon and the Grace Spitfire went flying but not before Richard Grace took a Cessna A150L Aerobat for a spot of aerobatics over the airfield. First time I think I've seen a high wing Cessna doing aerobatics. A couple of notable visitors were silver Tiger Moth T7290/14 and a Piper J3C-65 Cub/'Rosie the Rocketer' which had been to the Bottisham Museum open day which is just the other side of Cambridge. Between the American Air Museum and the Land Warfare Hall, the Triumph Owners Club were holding a little get together and in amongst all the Heralds, Stags and Spitfires, a rather nice looking two-tone blue 1940 Triumph Dolomite 2-Litre Roadster Coupe caught my eye. As it was the last Sunday of the month, the vehicle section of DAS were playing with some of their Tonka toy's as they drove them around a rather dusty track.

Camera Used: Sony Alpha A-58 SLT + Tamron 18-270mm/f3.5-6.3 & Sony16-105mm/f3.5-5.6 Lens & Sony Alpha A-77II SLT & Sony 70-400mm G SSM/f4-5.5 Lens

4th September 2014

Wall to wall cloud all day, but warm with it, which made the diffused lighting for photography a bit interesting. TFC had their P-40F out on the airfield for an engine run which meant work on preparing the Gladiator for Old Warden on Sunday was put on hold as it sat outside until the P-40F was back in the hangar. All the panels on the Glad were back on when I left. The Beech C-45H Expediter/'Southern Comfort' took off from the Duxford grass with its next stop being Prague. A DHL sponsored Extra EA200 was doing circuits for a short time and hopefully something slightly larger in those marking at the air show next weekend. Spitfire T.9/PV202 went up for a couple of aerobatic displays and as it was touching down the TFC Bearcat celebrated its return from Shoreham with a spot more aerobatics before landing.

9th September 2014

ARCo Harvard, 'Taz', took off just before doors opened followed just after doors opened by the ARCo two-seat Spitfire/PV202. Then it went quiet, but not for long. Quite used to seeing Army Air Corps Apache helicopters doing circuits at Duxford but today it was a Royal Navy Lynx flying around and after it had finished its maneuvers, touched down for a short stay. It was followed by a Sopwith and a Fokker triplane for what turned out to be a bit of a press day for the air show at the weekend with camera and a TV crew swarming around them. After the Lynx left, TFC Corsair fired up and went off for an air test to the north and came back for a display over the airfield. Just after the triplanes had taken off, the Corsair fired up again and another display routine over Duxford. Just after it touched down the Grace Spitfire fired up and went up for a very short air test before touching down again.

11th September 2014

Despite the wall to wall cloud that persisted all day, the sun started shining as I was leaving, there was sufficient visibility for a spot of flying although lighting for photography was atrocious. The ARCo Beaver did three practice displays after which JCB 2, a Sikorsky S-76C helicopter, called in for maintenance checks just as the TFC Hawk 75 was heading out for a display. Just after that the Gladiator flew south to Goodwood and the P-40F took off followed by the ARCo Harvard/'Taz' for a spot of air to air photography after which the P-40F flew a display routine.

22nd September 2014

Despite the sunshine, it was a tad cool to start with then a bit of a heat wave by the afternoon with a lot of haze in the background. First arrivals were a pair of French Air Force TBM 700's on an away day from the continent. It went pretty quiet apart from a few GA visitors until the Duxford based Leopard Moth flew off for an hour or so. Then the war birds came out to play. The Fighter Collection Spitfire Mk XIV flew off for about an hour with an aerobatic display over the airfield on its return. While it was away the Welsh based Spitfire T9, that had been at Duxford for a servicing by ARCo, departed back to North Wales. The Historic Aircraft Collection Spitfire Vb flew off to the north for an air test and Chipmunk T22 returned back to Duxford having left in the morning.