In the past I’ve always gone to Farnborough on the Friday as it was a longer flying display and there were additional arrivals for the public weekend. This time I treated my self to a Monday visit as well just to catch some of the aircraft that only attended the press day or departed mid week. It rained both days. Lucky or what. Farnborough is no where near as impressive, aircraft wise, as it has been in the past and very lack luster in what’s displayed on the ground and in the air. The Korean T.50, the A400M which was static only, and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner were the only aircraft I hadn’t seen before along with the Breitling Jet Display Team who I was very impressed with and made a change from the Red Arrows who were supposed to have displayed but hadn’t had their display authorisation approved by the Farnborough committee due to the inclement weather. Highlight of the flying both days had to be the A380. At the start of the week it was in the still to be delivered Malaysia Airlines colour scheme with the Airbus test aircraft at the end of the week. How such a large aircraft could be maneuvered very slowly around the sky is a marvel just to watch. Very impressive.

Farnborough international Airshow ~ July 2012

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Monday 9th July 2012

Friday 13th July 2012