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Stearman (Boeing) Model A75N1(PT-17)/s.n. 75-4041/44/(G-RJAH)

The Stearman Model 75 was built in the United States during the 1930’s & 40’s as a military trainer. Lloyd Stearman started the Stearman Aircraft Company in Venice, California in 1926 and then moved to Wichita, Kansas. It became part of the Boeing Aeroplane Company in 1934. Although there were several versions of the Model 75, G-RJAH/44 was built in 1942 as a PT(Primary Trainer)-17 which is now fitted with a Continental Motors Corp W-670-6A engine. During World War II, they served as primary trainers with the United States Army Air Force, the United States Navy as the NS or NS2 and the Royal Canadian Air Force as the Kaydet with production ceasing in February 1943. Although a Boeing design, they are still referred to as Stearmans or even Kaydets.

G-RJAH/44 is finished in the blue fuselage & yellow wings colour scheme with red/white stripes with a vertical blue band on the rudder of the USAAF, where as the Navy used an all yellow scheme. The old style national insignia of a white circle with blue star and red circle in the centre was carried on the wings with the red centre being discontinued from 1942. By 1944 a standard colour scheme of all over silver and the star and bar insignia was used by both services.