Housed in the North side of hangar 3, one of the original World War 1 Belfast Truss Hangars, is part of the Imperial War Museum Maritime Collection. Apart from an MTB, Life Boat and Midget Submarine, there is also collection of Fleet Air Arm aircraft although the Buccaneer is in RAF markings.

Hangar 3 (North)

Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B XV865/865

Hawker Sea Hawk FB.5 WM969/10

1954- Built by Armstrong Whitworth at Baginton as Sea Hawk FB.3.

JUN1954 - delivered to AHU RNAS Stretton.

AUG1954 - No 898 NAS RNAS Brawdy.

NOV1954 - Aircraft Holding Unit Hal Far.

JAN 1956 - No 811 NAS.

MAY 1956 - RNAY Fleetlands and converted to Mk. FB.5. with the fitting of a Nene Mk 103 engine.

JAN 1957 - AHU RNAS Abbotsinch for modifications and then to No 806 NAS Lossiemouth.

JUN1957 - RNAY Fleetlands for more mods and then returned to 806 Sqdn Lossiemouth. MAR 1959 - RNAY Fleetlands for mods and repainting in all-black scheme.

JUN1958 - Airwork FRU, Hurn and detached to RAF North Front Gibraltar November 1958. OCT 1959 - RNAY Fleetlands for modifications.

APR 1960 - Returned to Airwork FRU, Hurn.

JAN 1961 - NARIU Lee-on-Solent for radio updates and minor mods.

MAR 1961 - Returned to Airwork.

MAY 1964 - Allocated to SAH Culdrose as Instructional Airframe with serial A2530

JUN 1964 - Struck of Charge.

JAN 1977 - Allocated and delivered to IWM Duxford still in the markings of the School of Aircraft Handling.

de havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 XS576/125/E

OCT 1964 - Delivery Date

MAY 1965 - 899 NAS embarked on HMS Eagle

JAN 1972 - 899 NAS Disbands at RNAS Yeovilton.

MAR 1972 - XS576 flown into Duxford.

Fairey Gannett ECM.6/XGH797/727/(Cn:F9365)

JUN 1966 - 831 NAS 'Paid-Off' in May 1966 and disbanded at RAF Watton in August 1966.

XG797 retired from service and moved to the RNASArbroath.

MAY 1967 - Returned to service with the NASU and then 849 HQ Flight at Brawdy.

AUG 1968 - Retired again and back at Arbroath.

FEB 1971 - Moved by road to Lee-on-Solent.         MAY 1972 - Moved to Duxford.

JUL1968 - First flown as an S.2 at Holm-on-Spalding Moor

OCT 1968 - To Royal Navy with NASU RNAS Lossiemouth.

MAY 1969 - 736 NAS Lossiemouth and back to NASU Oct 1971.

FEB1972 - RNAY Sydenham, Belfast for modification.

MAY 1973 - HS Brough for upgrade to S.Mk2D

NOV 1973 - RNU at RAF Honington.

DEC 1973/FEB 1978 - 809 NAS, Lossiemouth with several cruises on HMS Ark Royal. Shore based at RNU RAF Honington before returning to Lossiemouth before each cruise.

NOV 1978 - Transferred to RAF 19 MU RAF St Athan, then Bitteswell for upgrade to S.Mk2B.

JAN 1980 - 216 Squadron, RAF Honington.

AUG1980 -Following fleet grounding due to crash of XV345 in America, to 208 Sqn, Honington

JUL 1983 - Transferred to 12 Sqn at Lossiemouth in 1982 then 208 Sqn on relocation to Lossiemouth.

MAY 1986 - Following modification to Sea Eagle ‘Anti Ship’ missile capability, transferred to 12 Sqn, Lossiemouth.

JUN 1986 – Transferred to No 237 OCU, Lossiemouth, and then Woodford for various modifications.

MAY 1987 - Station Flight, Lossiemouth then 237 OCU.

OCT 1989  - To 208 Sqn, Lossiemouth during which time it had various modifications.

JAN 1994 - Withdrawn from service and moved to Coningsby as instructional aircraft with Maintenance Number 9226M.

JAN 1999 - Moved to IWM Duxford for display.

JUN 1964 - RNAY Fleetlands

JUN 1970 - 829 Sqdn HMS Gurkha Ships Flight.

JUL 1970/MAY 1975 - 829 Sqdn HMS Apollo Ships Flight

DEC 1976/APR 1982 - 829 Sqdn HMS Endurance Ships Flight.

1988  - IWM Duxford.

Westland Wasp HAS1/XS567/434-E(Cn:F9578)

Due to airframes being static, images here will be changed from time to time to show them at a different angle


Fa 330A-1(Cn:100143

MAR 1957 - First flown as an AS.4

APR 1957 - Delivered to royal Navy and put into storage.

MAY 1959 - Issued to 810 Naval Air Squadron for a year and then storage at Culdrose and then on loan to 700 NAS at Yeovilton.

1963 - Converted to ECM.6 standard at Lee-on-Solent. Work completed MAR 1965.

MAY 1965 - Issued to 831 NAS at RAF Watton, Norfolk.


FEB1956 -Built by de havilland at Christchurch for the Royal Navy to be used for trials work by the Ministry of Supply.

Jul 1957 - RAE Bedford for catapult trials and returned to Christchurch for repairs and modifications.

OCT 1958 - A&AEE Boscombe Down for pylon tank trials and RAE Bedford for drop tank/catapult trials.

NOV 1958 - Christchurch for more repairs and trail installation of radio equipment.

FEB 1960 Sep 1969 - Spends time shuttling between Bedford and Christchurch on various repairs and trial installations.

SEP 1969 - Struck off charge and donated to IWM Duxford but moved by road from Bedford to the Shuttleworth Collection on loan.

1972 - Arrived IWM Duxford

de havilland Sea Venom FAW21/XG613/(Cn:12904)