Hangar 5 (Miscellaneous)

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18th March 2012

Following it's arrival and partial piecing together by the RAF Crash & Smash Team, BAe Harrier GR9A/ZD461 was moved into the workshop area of Hangar 5/North.

23rd March 2011

A bit of a change in Hangar 5 with a big clear out in the south side. Recently the stub wings of the Mil 24 Hind/German 96+21 were removed and strapped to the side of the fuselage. It was assumed, wrongly now, that it was about to depart Duxford. In fact it was to make it smaller as it is now squeezed in amongst the Luftwaffe aircraft that are on display in the north side. The CASA 2.111/ SpAF B2I-27/SpAF B2I-103 that used to be in the south side restoration area has now been moved to the north side and taken up the slot left by the Thunderchief. Most of the ground equipment, jacks, ladders, trestles etc have been moved in next to it. The only aircraft in the south side is the de Havilland 115 Vampire T.11/WZ590/19 undergoing restoration. Current rumour has it that Boeing B-17G-95-DL/Mary Alice /231983 IY-G/(F-BDRS), currently in the American Air Museum, is due some maintenance and restoration and the space has been cleared for that. Should be an interesting move as apparently the glass wall at the front of the building is not being dismantled and all the parts will be removed through the existing doors. The plastic Hurricane wind vane, sitting in the paint/spray bay, should be back on the pole by the main gate soon and I noticed that some blue rigging poles used to fix wings on bi-planes are now in the spray bay area. There is also rumour that all the exhibits in the atrium of the IWM London are going to be stored at Duxford for the next couple of years during the renovation of the Lambeth building so the aircraft may well be receiving a bit of restoration while at Duxford.  

16th April 2011

The south side of Hangar 5 is starting to fill up again. The Vampire T11 restoration, that was taking place near the doors at the west end of H5, has now moved into the paint bay at the east end and is more easily accessible to photograph now. Across the public walkway that divides the hangar, the flying control surfaces from B-17 'Mary Alice' have started to arrive.  

21st April 2012:-

Having moved sideways from the workshop area to the spray bay, the Harrier GR9 is looking a bit more complete with it's tail now in place. The Zero fuselage has been moved from under the Puccara to the worksop area and with the help of some cardboard fuselage contours, is having some wooden stringers put in place to replace the missing portion of rear fuselage. The space vacated by the Ambassador airliner in H5/North now has now been filled by the ex East German Air Force/Luftwaffe Hind helicopter.