One of 23 Ambassadors built and delivered to British European Airways Corporation. Original registration of G-AMAD changed to G-ALZO on roll out.


Delivered to Marshalls of Cambridge and fitted with large freight door in rear fuselage.

APRIL 1960

Royal Jordanian Air Force, Amman, with serial No 108 and used as a VIP transport.


Returned to Handley Page Ltd (Radlett) to trade in for two HP(R) Heralds. Returned to the civilian registar as G-ALZO.

Hangar 5 (North)

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The Morane-Sauliner Aircraft Factory at Puteaux, France, was taken over in 1942 for the production of the Fieseler Fi.156 Storch(Stork). After the war production contionued with the aircraft being known as the MS-500 Criquet and fitted with various engine combinations. No 338 was aMS-502 model with a 230hp Salmson 9AB radial engine. It was on the French civil register from 1961 to 1970 as F-BCDG and is currently registered in Ireland as EI-AUY. It arrived at IWM Duxford in 1983 and is on display with a German Argus AS10 engine in place of the Salmson radial.

The 'Junkers Ju52/3M' on display was built in France at the Amiot factory in Columbes, which during the Second World War was operated by Junkers to build the Ju52. This aircraft was built post war and was known as the Amiot AAC.1 Toucan. With the serial No 6316, it was one of 15 operated by the Portuguese Air Force from 1961 to 1972 and was delivered to IWM Duxford in May 1974.

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Dan-Air Services Ltd, operating out of Gatwick on passenger and freight services until retirement in October 1971. Moved to Dan-Air Services main base at Lasham for storage with civil registration permanently withdrawn in September 1981.


Moved by road from Lasham to IWM Duxford and into the care of the Duxford Aviation Society.

Airspeed AS57 Ambassador2/G-ALZ/(Cn:5226)

Amiot AAC.1 Toucan (Cn:255)(Junkers Ju52/3M)

Morane-Saulnier M-50 Criquet (Cn:338)

Housed in the north side of Hangar 5, one of the original World War 1 Belfast Truss Hangars, is part of the Imperial War Museum Collection of aircraft of foreign air forces. A long term resident, while it's under restoration, is the Duxford Aviation Society Airspeed Ambassador.

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