The Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd

Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb/BM597/(G-MKVB)/

(Cn: CBAF 2461)

Hawker Hurricane Mk XIIa/Z5140(RCAF5711)/(G-HURI)/

(Cn: Canadian Car Foundry 72036)

Hawker Nimrod Mk II/S/N 41H-59890



Hawker Fury F Mk 1/C/N 409396/35/

S/N 41H-67550/ K5674/(G-CBZP)

K3661 History:

K3661 rolled of production line.

Delivered to No 2 Aircraft Storage Unit, Cardington.

Delivered to No 47 Maintenance Unit, Sealand

Delivered to No 802 Sqn Hal Far with code number 562.

Remained with No 802 Sqn which included two repairable accidents and then returned to the UK.

Placed on Admiralty Charge (Fleet Air Arm)

Delivered to Lee on Solent for storage. Official records stop at this point.

Moved to HMS Deadulus II (RAF Lympne) as ground instructional airframe.

K3661 now with No 305 Sqdn Air Training Corps, Ashford, Kent.

Substantial remains of K3661 discovered in council dump, Ashford, donated to RAF Museum and held at RAF Henlow.

Remains acquired by Mick Cookman when the RAF Museum storage facility at Henlow closed.

Aero Vintage Ltd became the new owner of K3661 minus the Kestral engine that was later obtained from Canada.

Registered as G-BURZ to Aero Vintage Ltd and restoration to flying condition starts

Ownership transferred to Historic Aircraft Collection.

First flight at Duxford.

K5674 History:


Delivered to No 2 Aircraft Storage Unit, Cardington.

Delivered to No 43 Sqdn, Tangmere.

Delivered to No 5 Maintenance Unit, Kemble.

Delivered to No 47 Maintenance Unit, Sealand.

Departed UK for delivery to South African Air Force.

Arrived Durban as deck cargo.

Delivered to No 13 Sqdn South African Air Force.

Ran out of fuel, force landed with Cat 2 damage, stored and scrapped at No 2 Air Depot, Kimberley.

Acquired by Guy Black and recovered from a farm in South Africa.

Registered as G-CBZP to Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd during rebuild to flight by Retrotech, St Leonards-on-Sea.

Transported to Duxford for final assembly and engine runs.

First Flight


May 1942 

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Z5140 History:

Built at the Canadian Car Foundry, Fort William, Canada.

Delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force as 5711 and served with No 123 Sqdn at Debert, No 127 & No 129 Sqn and No 1 Operational Training Unit at Bagotville.

Struck of Charge.

Wreck acquired by the Air Museum of Canada, Calgary.

Acquired by Rem Walker, Regina Saskatchewan and restored using parts from RCAF5625, 5547 & 5424.

Acquired by B.J.S. Grey, Duxford and shipped from Canada.

The Fighter Collection, Duxford. Registered as G-HURI and rebuilt by Paul Mercer from 1985 with a first flight in SEPT 1989 as Z7381/XR-T.

Historic Aircraft Collection, Duxford.

Following 18 months of maintenance and repairs, G-HURI flew in the markings of Z5140/HA-C as worn by No 120 Sqn during the seige of Malta in 1941.

Aircraft up for sale.

BM597 History:

Built at Castle Bromwich. Delivered to RAF as BM597

Assigned to 37MU Burtonwood.

Transferred to 315 (Polish) Sqn, as PK-C, Woodvale.

Transferred to 317 (Polish) Sqn, as JH-C, Woodvale.

Damaged in landing accident, Cat B, Delivered to de Havilland for repairs.

Delivered to 33MU, Lyneham.

Delivered to Vickers Armstrong for modification.

Delivered to 39MU, Colerne.

Delivered to 222MU, High Ercall.

Delivered to 39MU, Colerne.

Assigned to 58 OUT, Grangemouth.

Retired from Service transferred to 4 SoTT, St. Athan as instructional airframe 5713M.

Gate Guard Hednesford

Gate guard Bridgenorth

Gate guard Church Fenton.

Henlow then Pinewood Studios and used as master model for fibre glass Spitfire replicas and as a static aircraft in the Battle of Britain movie.

Gate guard Church Fenton

Gate guard on loan to Linton-on-Ouse

Gate guard Church Fenton

Acquired by Tim Routsis founder of Historic Flying Ltd.

Audley End for a complete restoration to fly to original specification and registered as G-MKVB. Sold to The Historic Flying Collection in 1993.

First flight.

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