This visit was just an opportunity to get some final record shots of the aircraft hanging in the central atrium as they are soon to be taken down and temporarily moved to the Imperial War Museum storage and restoration facilities at Duxford. 


     Over the next 10 years the Imperial War Museum, London, will undergo a multi-million pound redevelopment. The first projects to be tackled are the creation of brand new First World War galleries, to be opened in 2014 to coincide with the centenary of the start The Great War, and a new central atrium to display the large exhibits collection of tanks, guns and aircraft.

Imperial War Museum, London ~ 25th February 2012

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The small collection of aircraft currently housed in the atrium, in what was once an open courtyard to the former Bethlem Royal Hospital but better known as Bedlam, are to be taken down from their lofty perches and transferred to IWM Duxford for any conservation and restoration work needed after the years spent suspended above the tanks and guns and members of the public on the floors below. They will be stored and eventually returned to the new atrium at the IWM, London at a later date.