64 large objects ranging from aircraft to vehicles to weapons from the ‘Large Exhibits Gallery’, otherwise known as the Atrium in the Imperial War Museum South Lambeth, London, are transferring to Duxford between September and December 2012 for storage and conservation until the redevelopment of the Atrium part of the museum is completed as part of Transforming IWM London. The first exhibits have arrived in Hangar 5 at Duxford, with other items going into storage not open to the public, and I’ll continue adding to this page as and when I come across new arrivals.

IWM Lambeth @ Duxford

Large Exhibits Gallery, The Atrium

IWM South Lambeth, London

With the delivery of P-51 'Big Beautiful Doll', the Atrium at IWM Lambeth is now cleared of all large exhibits and will be closing for refurbishment at the start of the 2013 and due to be re-opened 2014.