Archive Photos 2003 to 2005

Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Ltd, Auster 5J1/G-AGTO

De Havilland DH87B Hornet Moth/G-AELO

De Havilland Dominie Mk 1/c/n 6517/X7344 RAF/G-AGJG

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Mark & David Miller

Mark & David Miller

Built by de Havilland at Hatfield and taken on charge at 9 MU Cosford and entered RAF service as a Dominie Mk 1.

Delivered 1 Camouflage Flight, Hendon.

Engine fire on start-up at RAF Doncaster, SOC as damaged beyond repair. Repaired at Doncaster by Civilian Repair Unit.

18 MU Dumfries.

Issued to the AssociatedAirways Joint Committee, Renfrew, and registered to Scottish Airways Ltd, Inverness.

CofA No.7030 for ‘DH89A ‘Dominie’ 9 Seater Biplane’ with civilian registration G-AGJG to Scottish Airways Ltd, Inverness.

Re-Registered to British European Airways Corporation, Northolt.

Re-Registered to Adie Aviation Ltd, Croydon.

Re-Registered to Mediterranean Air Services Ltd, c/o Adie Aviation Ltd., Croydon.

Re-Registered to Adie Aviation Ltd, Croydon and stored.

Re-Registered to E.A. Taylor and operated by Island Air Services, Heathrow.

Re-Registered to IAS (London) Ltd t/a Island Air Services, Heathrow.

Re-Registered to T.H. Marshall and, operated by Christchurch Aero Club, Christchurch.

Re-Registered to E.P. Jones.

Re-Registered to T.H. Marshall, Christchurch.

Re-Registered to G.A. Dommett, Thruxton.

Suffered heavy landing. Repaired by Christchurch Aero Club, using port upper and lower mainplanes of G-AFRK and returned to flying Jun 62.

Spar damage to starboard lower wing at Thruxton. Returned to Christchurch Aero Club where further parts from G-AFRK were used to repair the damaged wing. Returned to flying by Oct 62.

Re-Registered to J.A. Galt, Booker.

Re-Registered to Aerial Enterprises Ltd, Booker in open storage at Halfpenny Green.

Sold to E. Wein, Biggin Hill.

Ferried to Duxford.

Re-Registered to E. Wein, Duxford.

Re-Registered to M.J. & D.J.T. Miller, Duxford.

Returned to flying in Scottish Airways camouflaged colour scheme following long-term rebuild.

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As G-AGTO Thomas Blidworth, Notts.

Shipside Ltd, Nottingham Airport.

Maurice Walker, Burton Joyce, Notts

Ralph Bowers, Derbs.

Geoffrey Asher, Derbs.

Duncan Reid, Notts.

Stoke on Trent Flying Club

Thurston Engineering Ltd., Stapleford Aerodrome, Essex.

Cleeve Flying Group, Cheltenham, Glos.

Flight One Ltd., Staverton Airport, Glos.

Four T Engineering Ltd, Llanelli, Carm.

David Miller Duxford Airfield