IWM Duxford News Items

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13th March 2012 ~ Media Roll Out for Vampire T.11 WZ590.

23rd March 2011 ~ Arrival of OKA-11 'Cherry Blossom' Japanese Kamikazi Flying Bomb.

28th May 2010 ~ Sea King HAS.6, VX712/66 On Displayin Hangar 3/North.

14th May 2010 ~ ARCo/HFL Spitfire T.9 New Colours.

29th April 2010 ~ HAC Nimrod II Returns to Duxford.

14th May 2010 ~ ARCo/HFL War Birds On Display.

17th April 2010 ~ Duxford Bonus Day.

9th April 2010 ~ Buchon Breaks Cover.

 14th March 2012 ~ Arrival of BAe Harrier GR.9A/ZD461/51A.