Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk IXb/MH434/ZD-B/(G-ASJV)

The Old Flying Machine Company Aircraft Archive

North American P-51D-25NA Mustang/'Ferocious Frankie'/44-73419/(G-BTCD).

MH434 rolled off the Castle Bromwich production line.

Entered RAF service with No 222 Sqn before moving to No 350 Sqn in 1944 before returning to No 222 Sqn. After 79 operational sorties was retired in March1945.

Acquired by the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Shipped to Java and flown with No 322 Sqn as H-105 later carrying the codes of H-68

Crash landed at Semerang, Java and shipped back to Holland for a rebuild.

First flight after rebuild.

Acquired by the Royal Belgium Air Force. With serial SM-41 flew with the advanced Pilot School at Koksijde and with 13 Wing at Brustem.

Retired after an accident.

On the Belgium civilian register as OO-ARA

Acquired by Tim A Davies and moved to the UK now with the civilian regestration of G-ASJV.

Acquired by Gp Capt T.G. 'Hamish' Mahaddie for the 'Battle of Britain' film.

Bought by Sir Adrian Swire, Chairman of Cathy Pacific Airways, and finished with the squadron codes of AC-S and a 1944 period camouflage scheme.

Bought at auction by Ray Hanna.

Became one of the founding aircraft of 'The Old flying Machine Company'.

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The Old Flying Machine Company

The Old Flying Machine Company

44-73149 accepted by the USAAF.

Shipped to the United Kingdom and service with the 8th Air Force.

Returned to the USA.

Transfered to the Royal Canadian Air Force as 9568.

Sold into the civilian market and registered as N6340T had several owners over the years and a wheels up landing reported in 1965.

Flew in the Reno Air Races in the unlimited class as 'Candyman' and came second with an average speed of 384mph.

Sold on again.

Acquired by Stephen Gray and after an overhaul in the USA was delivered to Biggin Hill, May 1981.

Sold on and registered as N51JJ.

Leased to The Fighter Collection based at Duxford.

Damaged during landing.

Acquired by Patina Ltd and became part of The Fighter Collection with the UK registration of G-BTCD and flew as 463221/'Candyman-Moose'/G4-5.

Acquired by the Old Flying Machine Company and flown as 413704/B7-H/'Fearless Frankie'


Wearing the colours of 44-13704 as flown by Major Wallace E Hopkins who was deputy commander of the 374th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group. Coded B7-H, Hopkins named his P-51 'Ferocious Frankie' after his wife..

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