A very enjoyable day out in Bedfordshire even with the weather changing from high hazy cloud to dark clouds and rain, but not enough to get the waterproofs out, and eventually blue sky and sunshine. Again a varied display but the star for me was the bright yellow Czech Letov LF-107 Luňák glider that was thrown about and doing maneuvers that you normally see a powered aircraft do. Despite the hype about the Hangar 11 P-40, it's just another green aircraft in American markings, like the last scheme. Following the rain front passing through, the wind was dropping all the time and well worth staying til 19.00 just for the sunshine and shadows on the Avro Triplane. The little bit of wind that was about was above limits for the Blackburn and Deperdussin that had been brought out though.

The Shuttleworth Collection ~ June Flying Day

16th June 2013

Sony Alpha SLT A-58 + Sony 70-400mm f4.5-6.0 lens + In-camera Clear View Converter @ x2