The Fighter Collection flying legends 2012 Build-Up

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26th June 2012

A quiet-ish day at Duxford and the lighting conditions were naff for photography to put it mildly. TFC Bearcat went up twice with Kynsey/Grey, Spitfire 1a with Hinton/Grey and BoB Buchon with Charlie Brown. A German registered Harvard did a display trailing smoke and the Sikorsky S-38 did a turn and very nice that was to. I was at Whittlesford station when the P-38 flew over and the 16.09 train pulled in. It was literally pull camera out of bag, turn on, point and shoot and jump on train as doors beeped to close. Photos in the order they were taken.


Even quieter than yesterday. Someone forgot to feed the meter in the control tower and the electric was off for most of the morning and the airfield closed. It did get back up and running but I heard on the radio that just before two o'clock that it would be closing again due to essential electrical maintenance so I called it a day. Meanwhile it was press day and the TFC Corsair and the Sikorsky were parked in front of the control tower before the corsair was moved out to the airfield.There was a small group of Corsair veterans amongst the gaggle of press. Unfortunately the Corsair wouldn't play ball and was popping and backfiring as engine checks were carried out at the runway hold line, so it was returned to parking. The Sikorsky went up next and I don't think any one who saw it fly didn't have a smile on their face. Mr Grey had a spin in his Spitfire Vb a bit later on.

27th June 2012

At the risk of sounding somewhat repetitive, it was a quiet day at Duxford. Again. P-47 'Snafu' was out on the airfield for an engine test along with the HAC Nimrod. Following the engine test, Steve Hinton took 'Snafu' up on a test flight and before he came back for a bit of aerobatics, a pair of Belgian Air Force SIAI F260D aircraft flew through. They were to widely spaced to get them both in one shot. Following the aerobatics, a Chinook did a low fast pass and then came back again but this time pulled up into a climb and did a wing over before heading south. Later in the afternoon there was a bit more war bird flying but after I had left. Hopefully Friday arrivals and practice will bring the place to life.

28th June 2012

Following a couple of rain fronts that passed through during the morning and early afternoon, it cleared away to scattered clouds, blue sky and sunshine.The wind was still a bit blustery though and reached 30Kts at one point according to the tower. It wasn't til about 3 o'clock before the fun and games started with practice aerobatics, DA flights for foreign registered aircraft and arrivals. In amongst the aerobatics there seemed to be quite a few pairs flying on photo shoots.

29th June 2012