Having been closed the previous week for the annual spring clean, I headed down to London to see if there had been any changes. With the addition of the Albatros and RE.8, the Grahame-White building is a bit packed out now and the line up of airframes along the hangar doors is difficult to photograph and there is no access to the rear of them and after the spring clean/shuffle around, the opportunity was missed to have a line up of all Sopwith aircraft. Some of the aircraft in the hangars still have plastic sheeting on them and buckets on the floor to catch the rain water. It was still very dark in the Battle of Britain Hall and I was expecting to get thrown out on the hour for the picture show but no film, so why weren’t the lights turned on?.

    Normally I would use a tripod and long exposures at Hendon but this time I was hand holding and using the in-camera ‘Bracket’ function. Basically you can manually set the ISO and Aperture and the camera then takes three images in quick succession, one as per the settings, one at a longer exposure for a lighter image and one at a shorter exposure for a darker image. With the Sony NEX-5N there are just two Bracket settings. +/-0.3EV & +/-0.7EV. Out of the three images I had at least one, and if I was lucky two, that were in focus at the very low shutters speeds I was using. The beauty of digital is that I can delete the soft/out of focus ones.

Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon ~ 12th January 2013

Camera Used: Sony NEX-5N with a Sony 10-18mm f4 OSS Lens